Mobility Solutions to Evolve your Business

January 17th, 2017 by admin

Mitel Mobility Solutions

As a business owner or IT team member, you are always looking for ways to save the business money. At the same time, you want to improve productivity and communications. Here at BSB, we recommend our Mitel Mobility Solutions for a number of reasons. The freedom to work remotely - at home or on the go - has huge implications for your business costs, while bringing you up to modern ways of working. You can save real estate costs, offer flexible working for your employees, and remove commuting costs. If your employees travel a lot, you will still be able to easily communicate with them through centralized unified communication solutions that combine email, instant messaging, phone conversations, applications, and other collaboration tools.

Are you still using traditional phone systems? You can integrate or replace these systems with smartphones, tablets, or even employee devices to save costs and increase flexibility. The added bonus? An individual's phone number, voicemail, and extension is one and the same, no matter which device they are using. This means customers and team members can easily reach you without the hassle of finding the right number for your home office days or hotel. Connections are built to be secure and reliable. Learn more about the many benefits our mobility solutions can bring your business.

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