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Whether you have a small contact center with a few customer service agents or a large, multisite center in need of multimedia capabilities, Mitel has solutions that will help you help streamline business operations and boost customer satisfaction.

Every business has a contact center, whether they know it or not. From small, help-desk contact centers to large-scale, multisite, multimedia contact centers, businesses need contact center solutions that enable remote workers, integrate business processes, control costs, and ensure business continuity. They want solutions that streamline business operations and processes, improve communications, and are self-managed with minimal intervention.

Mitel provides a number of call and contact center solutions to meet a wide range of business needs. Our small- to medium-sized and enterprise contact center solutions integrate with existing infrastructure investments and provide you with the flexibility to add increasingly sophisticated capabilities as your needs change and grow.

Improve customer experience

You have one chance to make a lasting impression. A contact center solution can help you enhance the customer experience from the moment calls reach your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to call resolution. They help you to attract and retain customers, and please them for less. With an IVR management system, you can keep callers well-informed with estimated wait time messaging and position in queue updates and efficiently guide them to available resources.

Intuitive desktop productivity tools can help your business integrate phone availability, online presence, agent actions, and screen pops with soft phones so agents can quickly identify customers, message or conference in available product experts, and provide answers in a single transaction.

Finally, with an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system for voice and multimedia routing, you can enable customers to contact you in the media of their choice. Supervisors can track and report on multimedia agent, queue, and trunk performance, ultimately optimizing business processes and improving the customer experience.

Integrate business processes

Businesses also need solutions to integrate and streamline business process and promote efficient communications. With forecasting tools and integrated workforce management tools, supervisors can ensure the right number of skilled agents are available to handle the forecasted call volume and help contact centers optimize resource use and effectively control costs..

Ensure business continuity

Your customers expect consistent, dependable communications despite accidents or unplanned emergencies that may occur—they need to know they can still reach you, and you need to know you can continue to perform critical business functions.

Ensuring continuity in service and communications requires planning and strategy. It requires a sound communications infrastructure and daily activities that support business requirements for disaster recovery, business resumption, and emergency preparedness.

Mitel's MiContact Center portfolio of solutions provides businesses with the tools they need to improve the customer experience, integrate business processes, and ensure business continuity.

Protect against compliance and litigation

Companies in virtually every industry are subject to compliance regulations and litigation that can hurt productivity as well as profitability. With MiVoice Call Recording, you can reduce this burden while avoiding unnecessary penalties, fees and damages by automatically recording and documenting every call—producing robust, easily searchable, indisputable, verifiable records.

Drive quality improvement

With Mitel's MiContact Center Quality Management application, you can turn every call into an asset. Use recorded calls for coaching, training and recognition. Use them to improve interaction between employees and customers. You can even use them to track and optimize the effectiveness of phone-based marketing campaigns. However you choose to use them, Quality Management gives you unmatched monitoring, search, documentation and reporting capabilities.

Our Solutions


MiContact Center Solidus

In today’s digital age, the definition of customer experience has changed, and with a cloud-based contact center you can give your customers everything they expect.

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MiContact Center Solidus

MiCloud Connect Contact Center is a hosted call center with enterprise-grade performance.

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MiContact Center Solidus

True “over-the-top” multi-tenant Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) that’s always-on, highly secure, and instantly scalable.

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Enterprise-grade, multichannel, and cloud-ready solution designed to power customer-centric organizations.

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MiVoice Connect Contact Center is a multi-modal interaction center for the way customers communicate today.

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MiContact Center Enterprise provides a powerful toolbox of applications to transform dated, voice-only call centers into a multi-channel experience.

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