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What's in a Name?

A little more than 33 years ago, a new telecommunications company was started...BSB Communications, Inc. From our humble beginnings (depicted in the photo), BSB has grown into a team of over 40 employees and a successful business that is respected by our customers, partners, and competitors.

Back before the internet, when registering a business name, one had to submit a list of 7 proposed business names in case your first choice was taken. At the top of Bill and Steve's list of names was Americom. As it turned out that name was already registered by a new company called Ameritech. The next 5 names on their list were also taken. Since Bill and Steve already had another company named BSB Products, a "safe"" last choice was BSB Communications Inc, which utilized the first initials of Bill, Steve and Bob; the company's founders.

What's in a Name?
Bill, Steve and Bob building offices in first building (Bob taking photo)

If you're an Avaya customer or were considering Avaya, BSB is ready to help.

If you're an Avaya customer or were considering Avaya, BSB is ready to help.

With BSB, your investment is future-ready, even as you grow or shift between on-premises communications, cloud communications or a hybrid of the two. BSB offer's Mitel's expansive portfolio of customer experience, mobility and collaboration solutions provide a unified, comprehensive platform for your business communications – no matter what the future holds.

Mitel has fantastic, limited-time offers available exclusively to Avaya users or anyone actively considering investing in an Avaya solution in 2017.

Find your best path to seamless communications and collaboration, whether you're a growing organization or a large enterprise.

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Online Webinar March 29th!

Online Webinar March 29th!

Hotel MGR is designed to manage workflow, maintenance duties and preventative maintenance to ensure standards are always met. Increasing staff productivity and efficiencies results in reduced labor and maintenance costs and improved guest service. As staff communication and guest satisfaction increases so do the hotels social media ratings.

Detailed analytics on recurring issues enabling hotels to identify trends in maintenance issues to ensure they are working with the best suppliers and equipment.

Integrated SIP client allows for cost cutting on internal communications (both structural and operational as no need for GSM, DECT or 2-Way Radios) and full convergence in one single, more economical device (Android, iOS).

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Mitel Phone Manager Mobile App

Just How Mobile Are You?

Mitel Phone Manager Mobile App

MiVoice Office 250 (5000)
Keeping employees connected- anytime, anywhere
Key Features:

  • Presence and Dynamic Extension Express control
  • Embedded SIP Softphone
  • Missed call, voicemail and chat notifications
  • Access to company directories and personal contacts
  • Chat with desktop or other mobile app users
  • Access to call history
  • Instant notifications of when colleagues are trying to contact you

Today's mobile workforce requires access to secure and reliable communication and collaboration tools regardless of location, in order to deliver a seamless and consistent service to their customers. Mitel Phone Manager Mobile app delivers smarter communications, between colleagues, customers and partners, enabling people to connect and collaborate more easily and effectively, no matter where they are or how they work.

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Mitel Phone Manager Mobile app has been designed to connect you to your MiVoice Office 250 phone system whilst you're on the move. This smartphone application brings you many of the same great features you enjoy with Mitel Phone Manager desktop edition and keeps you connected when you leave the office. Mitel Phone Manager Mobile app extends Mitel Phone Manager's productivity enhancing tools directly to your smartphone. With its presence, instant messaging, softphone and corporate directory capabilities, Mitel Phone Manager Mobile is delivering an in-office experience for all of your mobile employees.


Easily manage your individual presence status and save time when contacting colleagues by knowing whether they are on the phone, away from their desk or available for an instant message chat. Mitel Phone Manager Mobile App introduces the concept of 'presence profiles' which combine the 'Do Not Disturb', UCD Hunt Group Login and 'dynamic extension' features of the MiVoice Office 250 to deliver optimized routing and presence visibility to the rest of your team. You can easily switch between presence profiles and you can add a personal message to better communicate your status to your colleagues.

Communicate on the Go

When you're used to how Mitel Phone Manager on your desktop PC keeps you efficient and in touch with your corporate team, Mitel Phone Manager Mobile App now sets you free and allows you to take Mitel Phone Manager with you! See and dial your corporate directory and call history or respond to chat and voicemail messages whether you are inside or outside your office.

Built-in Softphone

When making calls from Phone Manager Mobile you can turn your smartphone into a PBX softphone to make calls on the network at your office. Internal calls are free and if you have call recording then business conversations are logged alongside calls from regular desk phones. Calls can be placed on hold and transferred if required as if you are in the office, even though you are on the move. Softphone calls can be made over Wi-Fi or optionally the cellular network if required.

Access Corporate Directories

View one of the internal business groups or simply use the search facility to locate users, the corporate directory or your smartphone contacts. Mitel Phone Manager Mobile provides you with access to all of your contacts in a single location.


With its straight forward and intuitive user interface Mitel Phone Manager Mobile App provides you with notifications for voicemail, missed calls, chat messages and can even show you the status of your favorite contacts all from your home screen.

A Word From BSB's Telecom Ambassador
–Craig Hodges

A recent survey I read stated that in some market segments up to 60% of customers are not satisfied with their VoIP system and service. The same survey stated that, in these market segments, before the advent of VoIP, PBX customers were 90% satisfied.

Why the high level of satisfaction in the past? Mainly, it was due to having a telephony solution designed end-to-end, by a single manufacturer, supported by a local team of trained engineers who understood telephony. Once a call left the building, the company's dedicated telephony solution was connected to a dedicated worldwide voice network, utilizing strict telephony standards.

Today advanced VoIP platforms do so much more than platforms of yesterday and yet they are not architected like a PBX of the past. So why are customers experiencing such low satisfaction? First, the barrier to entry into the telephony business is very low, allowing anyone with a business card, website and a desire to sell telephony solutions to compete for business. Second, many organizations have internalized telephony support and moved away from their voice centric telephony suppliers, treating voice as just another application for the IT department to manage. In other instances, they have abdicated customer service to a hosted provider, with no local support. Concurrently, the hosted provider may utilize the "common" Internet for telephone calls. I use the term "common", because anyone with a connection to the Internet could potentially affect the level of satisfaction. Finally, today's telephony solutions are architected to ride over the top of your entire shared data infrastructure of Wide Area Networks (WANS), servers, firewalls, LAN switches, cabling and in some instances the common Internet to deliver voice. These telephony solutions are oftentimes connected to the outside world utilizing weak VoIP standards. Any one of these components, or combination of the above components, including the levels of software within each component, can cause voice quality problems.

If communicating to your customers over the telephone is important, then how does a company today find the same level of past satisfaction? Regardless of your company's vision of how telephony solutions should be delivered, be that premise, hosted, or a hybrid of both feel free to give us a call so we can discuss how BSB is still delivering yesteryears level of satisfaction.

We run our business like your business depends on it.

Works Cited:
Timothy Colwell, "The State of IP Phone Satisfaction," Telecom Reseller.

Software Assurance Corner

When upgrading to the latest version of MiVoice Office 250 (5000) 6.2 One of the key features was support for Mitel Phone Manager Mobile Client with Softphone App.

As part of this MiVoice Office 250 R6.2, last year Mitel introduced Phone Manager Release 4.3 and it's new 'Phone Manager Mobile' smartphone application (app) for Apple and Android devices.

This year Mitel is excited to introduce the new MiVoice Office 250 Application Suite Release 5.0, the combination of Mitel Phone Manager (including PC and Mobile App) and MiContact Center Campaign Manager applications

MiVoice Office 250 Productivity Apps:

  • Mitel Phone Manager – UC solution, desktop client with CRM integration, mobile application & softphone applications
  • MiContact Center Campaign Manager – Outbound dialer
  • MiVoice Office Call Reporter – Call logging and reports
  • MiVoice Office Call Recorder – Call recording

Whether it be unified communications, mobile connectivity, call reporting, call recording or outbound dialing, MiVoice Office 250 customers can benefit from these applications, individually or together. As a customer, you may simply be looking for a basic UC solution (Mitel Phone Manager) but then realizes the need for call recording. Simply order the optional licenses and enable the solution, this can either be at point of sale, or any time post sale. It's that simple.

Compared to solutions from other competitors, they do not offer the same solution range, and integration offered by MiVoice Office Application. This is a unique position only possible with these applications, and powered by the rich interface of the MiVoice Office 250 OAI architecture.

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Mivoice Office Application Suite

MiVoice Office Application Suite offers benefits at all levels. Starting as a single software solution, making it easy to install and deploy on one server, offered through a common user experience. Image installation and configuration from a single administrative web portal. Also, even though the suite consists of four solutions, the end user experience is always via a single client user application. In other words, a common end user client interface which makes using any of the fours applications, a familiar and seamless user experience.

Having all the apps in the same software download simplifies the deployment. You no longer need a separate server for each. This makes a huge difference, a single server reduces total cost of ownership for our SMB customers and offers a single point of support.

Up to this point, we've described a common software on a single server strategy. The many virtues stemming from this unique solution does not stop there. Each individual application is a full solution in its own right. Each delivers value and a powerful set of features as a standalone application, but when combined are even more powerful.

Mitel Phone Manager

A powerful UC productivity tool, Mitel Phone Manager brings on screen call control as well as presence, directory access and 'click to dial' capabilities to your MiVoice Office 250. It also gives you a personal call logging feature and if you have MiVoice Office Call Recorder on your system, calls can be played back from your Mitel Phone Manager on-screen client. Mitel Phone Manager integrates to the leading CRM applications, enabling 'screen pop' of customer's details to be displayed at the time the call is answered, and calls can be made directly from the customer's record using a click to dial function.

Mitel Phone Manager Mobile App

Extend the features and functionality of Mitel Phone Manager desktop to your smartphone – see your colleague's status/availability whilst you are mobile and call them with a single click. Instant access to your personal and company directories, and keep track of all inbound/outbound calls using the Call History feature. Mitel Phone Manager Mobile App offers an optional softphone capability, which enables calls to be made free of charge when connected to Wi-Fi or a 4G network.

Mitel Phone Manager Enhancements

This next release of Mitel Phone Manager also introduces enhancements, including Conference support on both the PC Client and Mobile App, Privacy for personal calls, and the ability to support desktop hands-free functionality. For the UK region, we've also introduced an EMIS Health CRM integration. This makes a total of over 20 different CRM integrations available.

MiVoice Office Call Reporter

How many calls does your business receive, and do you know where they are coming from? Existing customers or new business? How quickly do calls get answered and critically how many aren't actually answered? Call reporting provides you with this information in a structured and simple to use format. It offers static call reporting and analytical capabilities, along with a scheduling capability.

MiVoice Office Call Recorder

Increasingly organizations are looking to call recording as a prerequisite in their customer services environment. MiVoice Office Call Recorder enables any disputed calls to be quickly located, reviewed and emailed onto the relevant parties. Call recording is an essential tool for both training and mentoring staff members and can be critical in complying with government legislation and standards of industry/professional bodies. MiVoice Office Call Recorder allows you to record and retrieve recordings quickly and easily.

The MiVoice Office Call Recorder – Small Business Edition, brings all of the functionality of mainstream call recording in a scale to suit the small business. It can record up to 8 concurrent calls and provides easy to use search and retrieval options without any additional hardware requirements such as subscriber interface circuits.

Call recording is increasingly seen as a 'must have' application for the small business, as it enables quick and confident dispute resolution, as well as the option to review calls for training and monitoring purposes. Businesses in certain industries are required by their governing bodies to record all calls for compliance purposes. For those companies who take credit card payment details over the phone, MiVoice Office Call Recorder offers a PCI compliant pause and resume capability.

MiContact Center Campaign Manager

MiContact Center Campaign Manager is an essential tool for organizations who undertake a significant numbers of outbound calls. It structures and automates your outbound dialing activity whilst delivering real-time updates as to how your outbound team is performing. The supervisor's dashboard shows activity by individual, by team and by campaign. Automatic dialing eliminates misdialing and minimizes gaps between calls. Through automating your outbound dialing capability will deliver tangible business benefits in efficiency and management in addition to significant cost savings.

Is your Mitel system running on the latest version of the software?

MiVoice Office 250 (Formerly Mitel 5000) is currently version 6.2.service pack 1
MiVoice Business (Formerly 3300 or MCD) is currently version 8.0 pr3

Do you know what version you're running? Are you enrolled in Software Assurance?

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BSB's Business Buzz

The City of Wayne has partnered with BSB Communications since 2001. As the IT Director, my technology background helps me to say with confidence that BSB Communication’s staff is the best in the business. Their experienced team has been invaluable in successfully completing many projects on time and within budget. Their support staff has been especially responsive when emergency situations happen.

Jeff Martin
IT Director
City of Wayne

BSB Communications has been a terrific partner for Softech for over a decade. Our market is ultra-competitive, so it’s critical that we make sure all of our customers are getting the service they deserve! We rely heavily on our call center metrics to make sure we are providing the highest service level to our customers. The BSB Team has allowed our company to quickly customize and automate our call center reports. Now, we proactively generate reports and have the most useful and relevant data at our finger tips! When we call for service we normally need help fast. That is why we especially appreciate BSB’s inside support team. They have always been responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable.

Jane E. Kaminski
COO - Softech, Inc.

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