May 2017

Best Wishes on Retirement to our Controller, Don Vachon

Best Wishes on Retirement to our Controller, Don Vachon

Please join us in extending best wishes on retirement of our controller, Don Vachon. Don has been an integral part of our company for the last 19 years. His contributions will always be valued and remembered. His hard work, commitment, and dedication are worthy of admiration. The leaving of an exceptional co-worker is always a bittersweet event. On behalf of every one at BSB Communications Inc. we would like to wish him the best of luck.

Here are some thoughts from our executive team:


I want you to know that BSB grew and succeeded when other companies did not. We worked as a team through some pretty challenging times. I personally appreciate how hard you work not just for the company but also for the whole team. Every employee (myself included) has benefited from your dedication to providing us benefits that help us all take care of our families. Your talents in accounting have allowed us to grow without going into debt. In fact your frequent use of the word NO helped us make wise decisions and make best use of our resources.

When we hired you nineteen years ago, Steve and I realized how important a position we were filling. At that time it was one of our biggest decisions. It didn't take long for us to know that it was one of our best decisions as well. I have always known that above all else, you where honest and unafraid to tell us what we needed to know. I can't thank you enough for that.

Bill Nutting
- Managing Partner

Don will be missed. We truly thank him for being a longtime member of our management team. Our success can certainly be attributed to his being part of that team.

We wish Don, Chris and Jace the very best in their new adventure. Don will do great in his new retirement position. We hope he golfs often, and hits the ball long.

Steve Klenner
- Managing Partner

I respect your dedication and loyalty to BSB. Steve and Bill have always acknowledged that the company would not be where it is today without you and your tireless efforts on its behalf. I appreciate the support you have provided me and your willingness to embrace the Entrepreneurial Operating System and the changes we have been making within the company.

Peter Johnson
- Chief Operating Officer

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The Cost of Not Financing Technology

– An article from one of our BSB Partners

Great America

We hear it all the time, "What's the interest rate?", "How much am I paying in finance charges?", or the straightforward, "We don't finance technology." Customers see a cash price and a monthly payment and the first thing they do is add the payments up to see what the difference is. They see anything over the cash price as an additional cost to their business. What they don't take into account is what they are costing their business by NOT financing their technology.

Let's look at a $50,000.00 technology purchase. Your customer should be looking to use that $50,000.00 on something that is going to help grow their business. While a phone system or IT equipment is essential to keep them up and running, it's a depreciating asset. In five years, it will be worth pennies compared to what they spent on it and the technology will be obsolete. Because they dropped $50,000.00 cash, they're going to ride that technology until it dies while their customers feel the effects.

money going down drain

Now let's say that rather than spending $50,000.00 cash, the customer takes on a $985.00 monthly payment for 60 months. That $50,000.00 is now free to hire a new salesperson, run marketing campaigns, or revamp their website. These are all investments that will generate revenue and help grow their business. This could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars to your customer's bottom line over the next five years. On top of that, your customer won't be fishing for another 50k five years from now. They will just sign a new 60 month agreement at the same payment and be able to take advantage of all the latest technology.

When reviewing a solution with your customer, ask them to look at the big picture. What's their intent with the technology? What are their initiatives as a business in the near and distant future? What kind of capital will they need for those initiatives? As their trusted technology resource, you should be helping them get the best technology AND advising them on the best way to acquire it. Financing isn't the right option for every business, but when deciding if they should pay cash or take on a monthly payment, ask your customer to look at the total cost to their business rather than the cost of this single transaction.

Attention all Credit Unions and Financial Institutions!!

Check Out our Booth #95 at the MCUL Annual Convention and Exposition and learn all about Mitel's Complete Solution!

June 7–10, 2017 | Downtown Grand Rapids
Amway Grand Plaza Hotel and DeVos Place


Energy, enlightenment, entertainment and new experiences will be awaiting the Michigan credit union community at the MCUL & CUSG 2017 Annual Convention & Exposition (AC&E), June 7-10. This year the event heads to the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel & DeVos Place in downtown Grand Rapids.

Attendees are always anxious to gather Center Stage to hear from special guests and keynote speakers, which will include both Dan Schulman, president and CEO of PayPal, and Veronika Scott, founder and CEO of The Empowerment Plan. Those wanting to make the most of every minute should be sure to register for the Economic Issues Luncheon on Thursday, a Lunch and Learn session on Friday and the CUES Networking Luncheon on Saturday.

Credit union executives, staff and volunteers will want to look closely at the agenda, which offers a wide breadth of training and added values. A new INSIDE Credit Union HR workshop will take place in conjunction with the event on Thursday, June 8, and any credit union with a full conference AC&E registrant may send another attendee to INSIDE Credit Union HR at no charge. Also new is a Credit Union History and Philosophy session taking place on Saturday, June 10, which is available at no cost to any Michigan credit union employee or volunteer.

From an exciting new SCANTrivia interactive scavenger hunt that will lead throughout the exposition hall and beyond to the popular live- and silent- auction fundraisers, and from the fun-filled CU Solutions Group Welcome Reception to the entertainment of the Broadway hit Dirty Dancing at the Closing Celebration, now is the time to make plans and register staff and volunteers for all the AC&E has to offer.

Carrier Connections

Metro Wireless

We offer more than one solution when it comes to wireless technology. Meet one of our partners Metro Wireless and their wireless solution MetroCASE.

Metro Wireless International is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) founded by people who are truly passionate about identifying new technology trends and adapting and delivering them as a unique offering to customers.

More than a traditional ISP, we not only provide data services including: Fiber, Fixed Wireless and 4G Wireless solutions, but we also design and deploy WIFI, DAS and Private Wireless Point-to-Point.

More than just a backup, our 4G Wireless solutions are designed, using our proprietary SD-WAN architecture, to pair with other internet connections (such as your existing cable internet or any of our data offerings) to keep you up-and-running with limited to no interruption, regardless of network outage.

Introducing MetroCASE

  • High Availability WIFI for Temporary Deployment
  • All-In-One High Speed Internet and WIFI Capabilities
  • Super Rugged Pelican Case for Rough Terrain
  • 80211ac and Multi-User 3x3 MIMO (MU-MIMO)
  • 800 Mbps (2.4GHz) and 1733 Mbps (5GHz)
  • Backward compatibility with all existing Wi-Fi clients
  • HD-quality IP video while supporting VoIP and data applications

BSB's Buzz

Girl Scouts of southeastern michigan

Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan has decided to migrate to the Mitel MiVoice Business Platform. Here is what our customers are saying:

"You do things right, and let me tell you, I have worked with a lot of companies over the years and working with all of you, has been a nice refreshing experience."

– Michael Vore at Girl Scouts

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