July 2017

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BSB Reds

BSB Buzz

BSB's own Project Manager, Michael Sanchez, coached the BSB Reds!

Grit, determination, fun and the will to learn are just some of the adjectives to describe the 2017 ORBA Coach Pitch BSB Reds. Being led by a few 8-year-olds, this team was young and ready to play ball! Even when the odds were against them, they still came to play with a win in their hearts and ice cream on their mind. Game balls were handed out after every game for key plays to the game and every one of the 13 players received a ball throughout the season. Whether it was game saving catches, clutch hits to keep a victory in tack or the highlight of the season, a walk off Grand Slam in extra innings to advance to the next round of playoffs, all of the Reds experienced teamwork, sportsmanship, and the continued love for the game!

Meet Dan Lynch, BSB's new Technician

Dan Lynch

We were fortunate to hire a new technician in the Midland office. Dan Lynch has worked as a lead technician for Dow Corning and their subsidiary, Site Services since 1997. He has certifications in both the MiVoice Business and Cisco platforms. Dan has been instrumental in the implementation and support of Mitel and Cisco communication systems worldwide for Dow Corning.

Dan is married and will celebrate his 35th wedding anniversary in August. They have 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren with another due in January. His free time is spent attending the grandchildren's sporting events. His primary passion outside of work is deer hunting.

We are excited to have Dan join BSB!

Mobility is the Wave of the Future.

Mobility is the Wave of the Future.

Do you have a mobile-centric strategy that works for you?

If you didn't have a mobility strategy for your business in 2016, then 2017 is the year to make a plan and put it in action. As industry experts in mobility, BSB and Mitel are here to help. To get you started, here are four important factors to consider when creating (or refining) your mobility strategy:

  • The strategy must be mobile-centric, not just mobile enabled. Think of devices first.
  • Analyze the security, risk, and compliance factors involved. Some businesses must be more stringent than others.
  • When possible, enable remote workers to increase productivity and cut financial losses.
  • Team and project collaboration can and should be mobile-enabled.

Don't wait: developing a holistic, mobile-centric strategy will enable your company's existing business mission to be far more effective and make entirely new business strategies possible.

What does mobility look like for me?

Software Assurance Corner

MiVoice Call Recording/ Formerly Oaisys

MiVoice Call Recording/ Formerly Oaisys

Call recording technology plays a vital role for businesses. Changes in customer behavior, regulations and compliance and improvements in technology insist that organizations be more proactive caring for customers. Organizations in industries such as healthcare, banking, finance, automotive and debt collections are all benefactors from the ability to monitor, playback, evaluate and archive their telephone-based interactions. Quickly retrieving important information contained within phone-based exchanges helps resolve disputes, minimize liability risk, improve customer service and safeguard company revenues.

Mitel's MiVoice Call Recording solution enables organizations; small to mid-size businesses whose requirements range from 5 to 1500 simultaneous recording sessions; to benefit from instantaneous recall of recordings related to any given business event, like a customer experience success, report of competitor activities or ordering dispute. By organizing and sharing recordings, they can transform isolated events into part of the continuous improvement system. Advanced solution capabilities such as agent quality evaluations, reporting, live call monitoring and screen recording are available through licensing options.

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For those of you who have MiVoice Call Recording:

Mitel's latest release of 9.1 offers some additional capabilities

Recording support for SIP trunks via SRC on MiVoice Business

With MiVoice Call Recording 9.1 and MiVoice Border Gateway (MBG R9.3), audio of a SIP trunk can be captured within the MBG and streamed via its SRC functionality directly to the call recorder; much like SRC recording for stations. The primary advantages are the elimination of "port mirroring" to obtain the SIP trunk audio and the previously required AudioCodes SIP licensing. Note: This capability is anticipated to be included for the MX-ONE solution in a later release.

Recording support for Meet-Me Conferences on MiVoice Business

Meet-Me conferencing, included within MiVoice Business Release 7.0, is now supported within call recording.

Compatibility support with MBG 9.4 and Standard (non-Mitel) SRTP

With MBG Release 9.4, Mitel will support the industry-standards based SRTP capabilities, along with its current proprietary SRTP capabilities. MiVoice Call Recording has been enhanced to also support this standards-based SRTP capability in conjunction with MBG.

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BSB's 2017 Technology Expo


This year's BSB TECHNOLOY EXPO will be on October 12th and we are calling it our Techtoberfest.

Come Harvest the newest in technology from Mitel and rake in the fun!

  • Educational Breakout Sessions
    • MiVoice Office 250 Applications (Phone Manager, Call Recording, etc...)
    • MiVoice Business & Collaboration
    • And more to come!
  • Product Demos
  • Meet with BSB Industry Partners
  • Check out the New Mitel 6900 Series Phones
  • Enjoy Oktoberfest-themed Food, Beverage, & MUCH MUCH MORE!!

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BSB's Partner Showcase

Great America

BSB is proud to have Great America as a strategic partner in our financing for more than 25 years. They have been a premier sponsor at our last two Technology Expo's and will be a key sponsor of this year's event as well.

The GreatAmerica Experience is our commitment to provide the best customer experience possible. We have no walls and no voicemail in our building and we promise the following to all of our customers. Our accessibility makes us available whenever you need us. We always answer the phone in 2 rings or less. You'll get the same team every time – we have smaller teams that are dedicated to understanding you and your business. In addition, there is always immediate access to decision-makers if anything needs to be run up the ladder to provide one call resolution.

GreatAmerica makes it simple to add hardware solutions to services for one simple, monthly invoice. This allows you to afford the technology you need in a monthly payment that's easy to budget. That way, you can plan for your technology expenditures and use your cash toward other business expense that are more immediately beneficial such as hiring new employees, marketing, or infrastructure enhancements. With GreatAmerica, your cash flow isn't restricted and you have a consistent budget (you're welcome accountants!). Not to mention, it's easier to keep your technology current and updated, and you don't have the risks that come with ownership.

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