January 2018

BSB Communications has been providing Telecommunication services for 33 years. Check out our video to see how we Focus on discovering the right solution for your business by leveraging our Expertise, to provide you with the best Results in the latest technology.

Happy New Year

Moving Video

This is the time of year where you start planning for all those new projects for 2018. Some of those plans may include expanding or relocating your office. Some of you may have already found out that this can be a frustrating endeavor. There can be multiple companies that you will need to contact such as; the leasing company, moving company, office furniture company and of course the telephone company.

Where to begin?

As some of know, BSB has been providing voice and data solutions for over 33 years. During that time we have helped hundreds of customers relocate or expand their businesses. To help you with this transition, we have put together a relocation guide that will provide some useful information on moving or expanding your business. Also, check out our short video.

Read our Moving Relocation Guide
Beth Baumia

Employee Profile for January 2018

Beth Baumia

Beth is one of BSB's Enterprise Technicians and has been with us for over 8 years! She lives in South Rockwood, Michigan with her husband and three kids and two dogs, Bell and Lucky. Beth spends her time outside of BSB with her family attending her kid's school cheerleading events or softball games; you also may run into her at the local Dollar General. Beth is a Veteran who served this great nation in the U.S. Army as a Communications Specialist. We would like to take this time to recognize Beth for her service to our country along with her awesome service to the BSB customer base.

For our customers who have a Call Center you probably already know Beth, as she is one of the top MiContact Center technicians in the country. She has extensive experience installing and maintaining Contact Center Solutions.

Beth is also a great team player that is appreciated by her co-workers. "Beth has been a fantastic mentor and she has helped me to develop my Enterprise system skills. She is always extremely helpful and very patient when training fellow employees."
– Tom Lamb, fellow BSB Technician.

Carrier Connections

Each month we showcase a key strategic partner of ours, and this month it's long-time partner, Clear Rate Communications. Based in Troy, MI, Clear Rate Communications has been in business for 16 years and offers a wide variety of communications and networking services, including high quality SIP Trunks, VoIP PRI, and an impressive Fiber network.


Expanding its BroadBeam Fiber network has been a recent focus for Clear Rate. Over the past couple of years, Clear Rate has significantly grown its fiber backbone in Michigan, with huge additions scheduled to be complete in 2018, including expansions in Livonia/Redford, Troy/Madison Heights, downtown Detroit, Novi, Southfield, Auburn Hills, Royal Oak, and Oak Park.

So, why do customers choose BroadBeam Fiber?

Clearrate BroadBeam Fiber

Blazing Speed

  • Faster downloads and file sharing with symmetrical speeds up to 10 Gbps
  • Delivers outstanding performance for cloud applications, video streaming, and large file transfers

Superior Reliability

  • All your voice and data through a single connection with a 99.99% uptime Service Level Agreement
  • Proactively monitored by Clear Rate's advanced Network Operations Center
  • Rarely affected by inclement weather

Exceptional Security

  • Unlike metal cables, no electromagnetic emissions to intercept
  • Nearly impossible to physically tap without being detected

And the prices have never been better. New fiber customers can get a 1 GIG Fiber connection PLUS 4G LTE Failover for just $1,495/mo. The 4G LTE Failover solution monitors the primary connection and automatically fails over to a 4G LTE connection when a disruption is detected (whether caused by a downed line, an accidental break from an excavator, or anything else). When paired with BroadBeam Fiber, it's the ultimate solution for internet reliability.

To learn more about this promotion, BroadBeam Fiber, SIP Trunks, or VoIP PRI from Clear Rate, please contact us.

Software Assurance Corner

Mitel Cordless DECT Handset and Module - Part Number 50005711

Mitel Cordless DECT Headset and Module - Part Number 50005712

Manufacture Discontinuance Notice: Mitel 5300 Series IP Phone Cordless Accessories

Mitel has announced the Manufacture Discontinuance (MD) of the Mitel 5300 Integrated DECT Headset / Handset / Module and Mitel 5300 Bluetooth Module / Handset. The planned MD Date will be March 30, 2018, or while quantities last.

Due to the age of these products, Mitel is faced with multiple component obsolescence issues on both the 5300 Integrated DECT Headset / Handset / Module and 5300 Bluetooth Module / Handset products. These obsolescence issues make the ongoing manufacture of these products impossible.

Mitel will continue to manufacture and sell the 5300 Series IP phones. Consequently, BSB is actively researching comparable products available from Plantronics and other manufacturers that offer the wireless capability; but they will not be as fully integrated as the Mitel accessories.

If you utilize the Mitel integrated headsets and anticipate needing more, you may want to contact your BSB Account Executive or Customer Advocate to order them before March 30th and while supplies last!

Contact us for more information and a complete list of the affected products and accessories.

BSB Buzz

County of Saginaw

BSB has many clients in the public sector space. In the closing months of 2017, we were awarded the contracts to replace the telephone systems for Bay County, Clarkston Community Schools, and Saginaw County. Each of these projects are still in the installation process, but we have already received positive feedback on our efforts:

"The entire BSB team has been the epitome of "awesomeness". In my 15 years of IT Leadership, until BSB, I have never worked with a vendor that truly acted as another arm of our department. Thank you for that..."

Josh Brown
Director IT/GIS
Saginaw County

Where's Mitel? Contest

Where is Mitel

We have a Winner!

Thank you for all your entries in our Where's Mitel Contest.

We can only have one winner, and we are proud to announce the winner is:
Robert Maldonado from the Magni Group

Congratulations Rob, you will be receiving your $100.00 gift card shortly.

Mitel Phone

Mitel's phones have had cameos on hit shows such as NBC's ER, ABC's Alias and Boston Legal as seen below, and CBS' CSI franchise. The phones have also appeared in movies, like 20th Century Fox's romantic comedy Fever Pitch, which stars Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon and Intermedia's Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction.

Thanks For Playing!

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