March 2018

BSB Communications has been providing Telecommunication services for 34 years. Check out our video to see how we Focus on discovering the right solution for your business by leveraging our Expertise, to provide you with the best Results in the latest technology.

Employee Profile for March 2018

Gary Miller

Gary Miller

When BSB purchased Site Services Inc, (SSI) 6 years ago, we also acquired one of the top MIVoice Business (MIVB) technicians in the state. Gary is a graduate of Davenport University, with a degree in Computer Networking. He joined SSI fresh out of college, through his hard work and dedication, he has become certified on both Mitel platforms.

Gary who is affectionately known around the office as (“Six-pack”) is in High Demand when it comes to our large client base. His knowledge and expertise on the MIVB, applications and Contact Center is invaluable.

Gary lives in Sanford Mi, with his wife of ten years Tammy, and their three sons Tyler, Travis and Carter.

He enjoys coaching wrestling, football, and basketball. When he is not coaching or attending the boys sporting events, you can find him boating, competing in obstacle course racing, like Tuff Mudder or just enjoying the outdoors with his family.

Learn How the New Phone Manager Server is Powering the 6900 Series & Office Application Suite

MiVoice 6900 Series IP Phones

Last months article we introduced the new Mitel 6900 series phones with the release of MiVoice Office 250 6.3 and MiVoice Office Application Suite R5.1.

This month we will discuss how Mitel is taking a strategic initiative to support the new Mitel 6900 series IP phones on the MiVO 250 with an off-board client-server architecture based on the Mitel Phone Manager solution. It brings to the market unique innovations and will enable future enhancements more easily. This program specifically brings PC features to the desktop, with an easy to use, simple to deploy UC solution. When using 6900 handsets on a MiVoice Office 250, they run as SIP handsets with call control and audio being provided directly from the telephone system. Mitel Phone Manager acts as a ‘Phone Server’ for these phones.

MiVoice Office System Diagram

The Phone Manager server delivers specific features to support these handsets on the MiVoice Office 250 platform. The handsets need to be licensed and configured in the following way:

  • MiVoice 6900 Series handsets connect to the MiVO 250 as a SIP device and requires a Cat-F license. One Cat F License is required for each 6900 handset that is going to be connected to the telephone system. It will have the limited features of any other SIP extension unless deployed with the Phone Manager Server.
  • The Mitel Phone Manager solution works as a ‘Phone Server’ for the 6900 handsets, providing them with firmware, configuration, keymaps and a whole lot of additional features, and requires at least an Outlook (Basic) User license. One Outlook (Basic) User License is required for each 6900 handset that is going to be connected. This license is required for all 6900 handsets. In lieu of an Outlook (Basic) User license, a Phone Manager Professional or Team Leader User license is also acceptable. This license is consumed on a concurrent connected handset basis.

Note – As the full feature user experience is driven by the Phone Manager server, if a critical failure were to occur to that server, the 6900 call continues uninterrupted. In fact, the 6900 can continue to make basic incoming/outgoing calls.

MiVoice 6900 Features, Descriptions, and Benefits Table Part 1 MiVoice 6900 Features, Descriptions, and Benefits Table Part 2 MiVoice 6900 Features, Descriptions, and Benefits Table Part 3

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Telecom Advisor

Simley Face on Phone

Learn How Mitel is Giving Machines a Voice in the Future

One of the most exciting aspects of the evolving customer experience landscape is the ability to bring machine-enhanced communications into the experience. Like data analytics before it, machine-learning technologies and AI can help to deliver a much higher level of personalization and efficiency to customer transactions and interactions. Coupled with sensors and machine enhanced communications, businesses can now deliver a completely new kind of customer experience with their products and services.

We’ve already seen the beginning of this trend toward giving machines a voice with chatbots: software-based programs that “converse” with online customers, using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to move the conversation forward. Millennials, in particular, have displayed a high comfort factor with chatbots. In one UK-based survey, over 60 percent of millennials reported using chatbots, and 71 percent indicated they would welcome chatbot engagement from a recognizable brand.

While machines have the potential to positively transform customer service and contact center experiences, integrating machine-based communications with existing products and services can also have a dramatic impact on customer experience. For example, a professional services company might use machine sensors to diagnose repair issues before a technician arrives, resulting in shorter repairs and higher rates of first-time resolution. An airport might use video-enabled communications with its defibrillator stations to provide live assistance in the event of an emergency. And professional athletes may someday have communications-equipped helmets or wristbands tied to biometric sensors that alert coaches and physicians the moment a player is injured or dehydrated.

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Carrier Connections

EtherFax Logo

Problems Sending & Receiving Faxes

BSB is always looking for strategic partners like ETHERFAX to help provide solutions for our customers daily challenges. A common challenge in today’s industry is Faxing. With the cost of hardware, out of date telephone lines, Security concerns, especially with HIPAA regulations. And the need for a disaster recovery solution.

etherFAX is a PCI Level 1 and HIPAA compliant providers of hybrid fax technology that supports business-critical operations.  They offer an alternative to analog (and troublesome SIP) fax lines by providing inbound (port numbers to etherFAX) and outbound faxing for fax servers and Multi-function/legacy fax devices.

A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

The etherFAX Analog-to-etherFAX (A2E) device extends your existing fax infrastructure to the etherFAX network, eliminating the need for costly and extremely limited analog lines directly from Telco. The A2E deployment is transparent to users, which means no need to change the end user experience. The A2E provides a simple Plug-and-play device that allows  Multi-function/legacy fax devices to operate as if it’s on a traditional PSTN. 

  • Handles multiple inbound calls simultaneously providing you a NEVER BUSY Fax number
  • HIPAA and PCI Compliant
  • Supports direct printing on inbound faxes with Sends delivery confirmations to printers
  • Plug-and-play device
  • All you can eat pricing model Unlimited Inbound/Outbound faxing to US/CA for one flat rate 

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Software Assurance Corner

MiContact Center Business 9.0

MiContact Center Business 9.0 is Here!

Powering excellent customer engagement.

  1. Omnichannel routing for seamless digital media experiences and holistic understanding of the customer journey
  2. Web Ignite enhancements that drive Omnichannel experiences and provide feature parity with the desktop Ignite client
  3. Open Media adds non-traditional media like WebRTC Video and IoT events into the workflow
  4. High Availability provides 4x9's uptime for the MiCC Business software application

With MiContact Center Business you’ll have everything you need to transform the way you interact with your customers: call recording, quality management, forecasting, workforce scheduling and adherence built in so you can easily coach agents and improve performance, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

See the List of 9.0 Feature Enhancements »

MPS Group Testimonial

MPS Group Logo

“ Over the years, BSB Communications proved time and again their ability to resolve our telecom related issues quickly and professionally. The trait I appreciate most in BSB is their flexibility. Even the most well thought out projects don’t always go according to plan. BSB has consistently shown their ability to overcome unforeseen challenges, changes in the environment, and ability to adapt to our unique business needs.

All IT Managers are being asked to do more with less. There is a delicate balance that needs to be maintained in terms of costs, usability, complexity, and growth when evaluating potential technologies. BSB helps us find that balance in our telecom solutions.

BSB’s service team is second to none. I’ve been fortunate to get to know many BSB employees over the years and they are always friendly, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to work with. Their consistent high quality of work has allowed me to step back from the minor details of projects with the trust that the requested work will not only be completed but meet my exacting standards.

Mitel systems are easy to manage while still being advanced enough to handle the complexities of our business. The fact that my team can handle many telecom admin tasks in house allows us to reduce costs and respond quickly to changes. Combined with BSB’s additional expertise on more advanced functionality and we are well situated to meet future needs as they arise.

BSB has always been extremely easy to work with and highly responsive to our requests. The expertise of the entire BSB sales team has helped ensure the solutions we have implemented over the years have been very successful.

Due to the pace we move at, I not only need vendors I can outsource work to but partners I can trust as extensions to my team. I’ve never been let down by BSB Communications in the nearly 20 years I’ve worked with them! ”


Bradd Notestine Signature

Bradd Notestine
IT Manager
MPS Group, Inc.

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