November 2018

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US and China Trade War

Mitel MiVoice

By early December, the U.S. is preparing to announce an increase on proposed tariffs for all remaining Chinese imports if talks between the US and China fail to ease the trade war, according to a Bloomberg report. If President Trump fails to reach an agreement with Chinese President Xi, not only would there be new rounds of tariffs on all imports from China—but prior tariffs on $200 billion in goods would rise from 10 percent to 25 percent on Jan. 1, 2019, Bloomberg added.

That spells trouble for many hardware-producing tech companies. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) estimates that a 25% tariff on printed circuit board assemblies (a critical component for the servers that power data centers) will also affect connected devices like routers, switches, modems, and products like the Internet of Things (IoT)-based devices.

If you are planning to make a technology investment in the next couple of months, you may want to consider doing so before the end of the year. If this new round of tariffs is imposed, you will likely see an increase in prices for a wide range of electronics after the first of the year. In fact, Mitel has already announced an increase on their MiVoice Office and MiVoice Business controllers as well as other products effective January 1st.

Contact Centers Have Evolved!

Customers reach out from many places. With Mitel, you can respond from one.

Traditionally, the contact center has been positioned purely as a voice-only sales and service center. It was the central point for solving customer problems and had everything to do with improving first call resolution, minimizing hold times and scripting perfection. Fast forward to a new decade and progressive companies are realizing these customer connection points can be maximized by focusing on the customer experience. In the new engagement center model, leading companies are interacting with customers anywhere and everywhere both when they reach out (via phone, email, chat, SMS) and in their everyday experiences.

Mitel's Contact Center portfolio delivers everything your business needs to transform customer journeys into omnichannel experiences. Customer experience will be the new battlefield for competitive advantage.

Software Assurance Corner – MiContact Center 9.1 Is Now Here!

Powering Excellent Customer Engagement

Mitel MiContact Center

1) Digital Customer Experience

  • Web Ignite client enhancements
  • Multimedia forecasting and scheduling support with Teleopti WFM
  • Timezone support in Workflow Schedule Activity
  • MiCollab SIP softphone support

2) Performance and Security

  • GDPR white paper
  • SSL enabled by default on new installs
  • Provisioning APIs

Web Ignite Enhancements (All Platforms)

Web Ignite client enhancements introduced in Rel. 9.0

  • Support for supervised transfers, request help, agent greeting, grid view, and reply templates
  • Unified voice and digital media history
  • Tabbed view for embedded screen pops
  • Outbound Caller Line ID Presentation (CLIP)
  • Contact list

Mitel MiContact Center

Web Ignite client enhancements introduced in Rel. 9.1

  • Supervised/blind transfer UX improvements
  • FROM dialog on new email is searchable (not just list)
  • Audible inbox notification for multimedia
  • Database query activity updated to search external contacts in Web Ignite via LDAP 3rd party databases

The Telepoti WFM connector has been updated to support multimedia:

  • Forecasting
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting

While MiContact Center Business 9.1 includes the latest upates required to support multimedia in Teleopti WFM, Teleopti WFM Rel. 8.8 is required in order to support the joint solution – this is expected later in Q4 2018.

Time Zone support in Workflow Schedule Activity

Mitel MiContact Center
  • Designed to support call flows across multiple time zones
  • Converts time to configured time zone before performing the schedule check
  • For example:
    • Convert 23:00 (ET) from local server time to 20:00 (PT)
    • Check 20:00 (PT) against schedule conditions programmed within the activity
    • Route call accordingly

MiContact Center Business R9.1 delivers support for MiCollab 8.1 SIP softphone

Mitel MiContact Center
  • This solution release requires MiCC Business 9.1, MiCollab 8.1, MiVoice Business 9.0, and optionally MiVoice Call Recording 9.2 for support
  • All required MiCollab configuration settings are documented in the MiCollab Installation and Maintenance Guide
  • We recommend turning off call notifications in MiCollab to avoid duplicate screen pop displays
  • If you are MiCollab SIP softphone as an agent, you must specify this option on the Web Ignite Settings > Phone configuration page

MiContact Center Business R9.1 delivers support for MiCollab 8.1 SIP softphone

  • Once configured, all CTI and phone controls are provided natively in Web Ignite
  • MiCollab essentially runs headless, unless agents want to IM or leverage MiTeam to collaborate with back office employees

For more information or to schedule your upgrade contact us.

Holiday Hours – Be Prepared!

Closed for the Holiday

Christmas and New Years are right around the corner, is your business prepared for the upcoming holiday closures? If you haven’t updated the holiday hours for your Mitel system, you will want to contact our service department and have a service order entered to update. It is better to be prepared than to have a last minute emergency service order opened for the closure. Contact us today so that we can help your company be prepared.

In preparation for the upcoming holiday’s the BSB offices will be closed in observance of the Christmas and New Year’s Holiday!

Closed on 12/24/2018
Closed on 12/25/2018
Closed on 12/31/2018
Closed on 01/01/2019

We will have technicians available for After Hours Emergency Service during the Holiday Closure.
For After Hours Support, call 844-GO-BSB-247 (844-462-7224) and select Option 2 for Emergency Requests.

Constance Lord

BSB Buzz – Constance Lord

We are proud to announce there is a new edition to the BSB Team, by virtue of the Central Interconnect acquisition. Constance Lord is a Customer Advocate in our new Grand Rapids office. She has been with Central Interrconnect for 20 years and is now a part of Team BSB.

Constance started her sales career with NBI in Washington DC as Government Account Rep for the Dept of Defense National Institutes of Health. As a new sales rep, she learned quickly that you can’t just cold call the Pentagon, but it did not stop her from trying. She then transferred to National and Large Account rep for US Steel, Gulf Oil, Westinghouse and 100+ attorneys’ law firms. She finally returned to Michigan and began 20 year career with Central Interconnect as Account Rep with vertical Education, Government & Non Profit accounts marketing the Toshiba.

Constance is a Michigan native who grew up in Flint area, attended Hillsdale College. Constance has one son Joseph, a daughter-in-law Susan and an adorable grandson Laz, living in Chicago. Some of Constance’s favorite things include spending time in the summer at (Torch Lake), hiking the northern trails, visiting breweries, and meeting with group of 10 girlfriends “the coffee group” every Saturday morning, for the past 18 years at local Starbucks The laughter and conversation never stops and is cheaper than therapy. She is an avid reader, an MSU, Lions & Steelers fan.

BSB Representing You on Mitel’s Dealer Advisory Council

Mitel Logo

As a member of Mitel’s Dealer Advisory Council, BSB is part of a select group of dealers who are focused on bringing the latest breakthroughs in technology solutions to their customers, while providing the expertise and ongoing support on all of the Mitel products. We share our 30+ years of industry knowledge and customer experience with Mitel to benefit our clients...

  • BSB expresses your insight and feedback and uses it to guide and direct further development for building Mitel’s future roadmap. Which is designed around cost-effective solutions that will improve your customer experience.
  • BSB participates in beta testing allowing our customer an opportunity to provide feedback on the design, functionality and usability of the product. This insight is critical to ensure that applications and solutions add value to your business growth and success.
  • We are brought in on discussion groups and previews of Mitel’s technology roadmaps. So we can provide our knowledge and expertise on future product development and services that will help improve your business.
  • BSB is asked to provide Focus groups so that Mitel can promote their latest ideas, plans and products. Which is an excellent way to gain customer insight, feedback and discuss challenges for their upcoming products and service migration. This enables our customers an opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with other businesses to improve efficiencies and benefits.

The Dealer Advisory Council is a proven way for us to communicate our customer's thoughts, ideas, suggestions and issues with Mitel. Please continue to provide us with any suggestions you have that would improve your Mitel products and services. Contact us at

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