January 2019

BSB Communications has been providing Telecommunication services for 34 years. Check out our video to see how we focus on discovering the right solution for your business by leveraging our expertise, to provide you with the best results in the latest technology.

BSB Legacy Customers Special 50% Promotion

Legacy system and new system comparison

Attention Owners Of:

  • InterTel
  • Mitel (Formerly InterTel 5000 / CS Controllers)
  • ShoreTel
  • Toshiba

If you have been waiting to find the right time to update your current phone system, That Time is Now!

For a limited time, upgrade your current legacy phone system and receive:

  • 50% off the hardware (and virtual)
  • 25% off new user licenses
  • Buy 3 get 1 free 6900 series phones

If you are looking for a Cloud Solution

  • Get $125 credit per user
    when you purchase a 36 month Cloud contract and new phones

Find out if you qualify, and get more information »

How Secure Are Your Passwords?

Hacker sitting at computer with password screen
  • 97 percent of organizations had at least one security issue
  • 72 percent had stealthy administrators, i.e. end users with excessive administrative privileges that could be used or manipulated by malicious actors
  • 61 percent had more than one account with stealthy administrator privileges
  • 32 percent of networks had some passwords exposed in their group policy preferences; any authenticated user could recover these passwords
  • 23 percent of networks had a very weak password policy, and 5 percent had a strong password policy

Read the full article: MSSP Alert Article on Password Policy Management

Collabrance best practices incorporate proactive measures relative to the stats above. But, we discovered during our most recent Collabrance call, in which we deep-dived into end-user Security Awareness Training, despite our best practices and 20+ layer security approach, we found that… over 95% of security breaches are generated by the end user!

2019 will be THE year of security. Use this information however you deem most appropriate and get the Security Awareness Training solution positioned as early as possible in Q1. Let me know if you'd like to discuss more!

Collabrance & Webroot Security Awareness Training Demo »

BSB Buzz: Meet Laurie Card

Laurie Card

Laurie Card has been a valued employee with BSB Communications since March 2013 and is located in our Midland office. She is the mother of two twin boys whom are 26 years old. One of Laurie's sons lives in Midland, employed by the Dow Chemical Co. Laurie's other son is in the United States Navy (currently stationed in Groton, Connecticut with his wife and children). They have been blessed Laurie with two wonderful grandchildren; a boy who is 4 years old and a girl who is 2 years old. Laurie spends every year during Thanksgiving break in Groton, Connecticut with her son and his family.

Laurie graduated from Northwood University in 2012 with a Bachelor's in Business Administration, Summa Cum Laude.

In her spare time she enjoys outdoor activities, attending Classic Rock & Country concerts, traveling, line dancing, cardio drumming and an annual Nascar race at Michigan International Speedway. Her favorite Nascar driver is Brad Keselowski from Rochester Hills, Michigan, who founded the Checkered Flag Foundation to support Veterans of America.

Software Assurance Corner

Important Announcement regarding Support & Mitel:
Premium Software Assurance Now offers Another Layer of Protection

Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA)

We all understand the importance of having Software Assurance and what Standard Software Assurance gives you:

*Special Notification as of January 1st 2019*
Mitel has announced that unless you are enrolled in Premium Software Assurance; Standard Software Assurance users will no longer have Mitel support available to them, until the next business day.

Standard software assurance

8x5 Tier 3-4 Technical Support

  • Local business hours
  • Technical inquiry and case management (resolution of reported incidents or issues)

Entitlement to Major Software Releases

  • Access to new features and functions
  • Support for new devices and applications
  • Capability to be cloud-enabled

Entitlement to Software Updates

  • Access to Hot Fixes and Service Packs:
    • Maintain up to date standards and open interfaces for network and application interoperability
    • Protection against security issues
    • Bug fixes and resolutions to reported service affecting issues

However with Mitel Premium Software Assurance, you get:

Standard software assurance

Everything in "Standard Service Level" plus…

24x7 Technical Support

  • For critical incident support

Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA)

  • Toolset for managing network health and performance
  • "Always on" fault alerting and performance monitoring
  • Detect & speed up problem-to-resolution BEFORE it impacts the users or business
  • Analytics – system resources and application usage
  • Real-time views and historical reporting capability

Customer On-line Training

  • Entitlement to Mitel University on-line self study courseware
  • System administration, user training modules

Find out how you can upgrade to Premium Software Assurance and receive (MPA) »

What Our Customers Are Saying

Customer reviews

Ten years ago, BHB Investment Holdings opened it's first Goldfish Swim School franchise in Farmington Hills, MI. Now, with nine locations in Michigan, Indiana, New York, and Florida, our relationship with BSB is indispensable.

BSB has been instrumental in growing our phone infrastructure from 5 stations in one building to over 100 spread across the country. The entire staff is always eager to help, no matter the day or time. From new construction to remote programming to small phone repairs to system training, you won't find a better option than BSB Communications.

I look forward to the next ten years working with BSB.

Goldfish swim school Ray Sosnowski
Facilities Manager

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