February 2019

BSB Communications has been providing Telecommunication services for 35 years. Check out our video to see how we focus on discovering the right solution for your business by leveraging our expertise, to provide you with the best results in the latest technology.

35th Anniversary

Happy Birthday, BSB! 35 Years Old!

February 10th, 2019 was BSB's 35th Birthday! What started as a naive vision by a few in 1984, has become a powerhouse provider by all in 2019. In the beginning, we could only dream of becoming what we are today. Those humble beginnings kept us grounded and determined to be what we are today. That vision would never have happened…without YOU!!

This special year is a testament to everyone's perseverance, excellence, and dedication.

Our future is bright and driven entirely by our traits listed above. Thank you for making BSB the success that serves us all.

Happy Birthday!
Bill • Steve • Bob (BSB)

How We Stack Up!

Mitel ranking

In 1984 BSB started out in a small office in Detroit. Steve shared a story how he and Bill would stay late at night and remodel the offices: putting up walls, and building a small room for inventory; and how excited they were when they had 10 pieces of equipment in stock. Since then, BSB has grown to 5 Locations throughout Michigan and Northern Ohio and is blessed to have over 2,500 customers worldwide.

Every year, Mitel updates all it's partners on their ranking in the organization. BSB is proud to still be the Number One Partner in Michigan. Below is the latest ranking for how BSB stacks up against over 1400 Mitel partners in North America.

2018 (Mitel Partners)

  • BSB #1 in Michigan
  • BSB #2 in Ohio
  • BSB #8 in North America for State, Local, and Educational Opportunities (Includes National Partners)
  • BSB #21 in North America out of 1440 Partners (Includes 7 National Partners)

Strive to exceed your customers expectations

Exceed Customer Expectations

Your success depends more and more on customer satisfaction and retention. Do you really know how customers feel about your company…and why?

Watch our 1-minute video to uncover the #1 reason why your customers might switch to a competitor. And why your customer satisfaction ratings are improving or getting worse.

Mitel video

Retain customers and attract new ones by engaging them on their preferred device and media.

Giving customers the flexibility to engage with you on their preferred media is crucial to retaining existing customers and attracting new ones. At the end of the day, customers want their journey to feel personal, and an omni-channel customer experience provides that.

Let Us Help You Improve your Customer Rating

IoT is Opening Doors that Help Businesses Connect with Customers

Male hand holding a smart phone showing text history

Customers are conversing with brands in new ways, thanks to the Internet of Things. For many consumers, virtual assistants, chatbots and messaging apps are quickly becoming the preferred methods of communication.

Not surprisingly, businesses are taking notice. More than half of enterprises have invested in virtual assistant technology, and 25 percent of customer service centers intend to integrate virtual assistants or chatbots across channels by 2020, according to Gartner.

With IoT, all businesses will need to place a greater emphasis on conversation and customer engagement. Gartner points out that companies already benefit from using virtual assistants across channels, ranging from a 70 percent reduction in call, chat and/or email inquiries to a 33 percent savings per voice interaction. However, the main goal is an improved customer experience.

What Customers Look For In Brand Conversations

Provide context: A customer may ask a chatbot for information about pajamas and sneakers, and then refer to “it” in the conversation. The chatbot needs to figure out which product is “it” during the exchange. Advances in machine learning, speech recognition and natural language processing are leading to marked improvements in the ability of conversational interfaces to understand these contextual nuances. Additionally, customers engage with businesses across multiple channels. So, virtual assistants and chatbots must be able to access these other conversations from email, phone, web chat or messaging.

Be natural: While consumers are opting to use messaging apps and virtual assistants, no one enjoys talking to a robot that doesn’t understand what you’re saying. Assistants need to be able to understand different accents, figures of speech and even tone of voice. Consumers don’t want to explain the purpose of their call multiple times. The technology needs to be built in, increasing comprehension and streamlining the customer journey.

How To Build A Conversational Business

Adopt voice assistant technology: Businesses across all industries are using this technology to simplify sales and service while also improving customer engagement. Hotels have started to use voice assistants as a virtual concierge. With Alexa for Hospitality, developers are creating their own Alexa Skills and integrating the voice assistant into their own hotel apps. Dominos has partnered with Amazon for pizza delivery via voice, and consumers can order an Uber through Siri.

Leverage messaging apps: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Kik are now more popular than social media apps. As their usage increases, providers are adding more functionality. Kik, for instance, has launched its own currency.

As these services evolve, there’s an enormous upside for brands to use them to create a more intimate connection with consumers. Some businesses already leverage location and other profile information to make personalized recommendations. For example, using the Kik API, the Weather Channel created an automated bot for more personalized interactions, such as reminders to carry an umbrella if rain is in the forecast.

Tie it all together with unified communications: However, for these applications to work, businesses need to put the right communications technology in place. Consumers expect to seamlessly move from one channel to another, switching from chat to voice without interruption. Unified communications provides universal access to applications and data, thus removing the typical barriers to successful implementation and adoption of IoT technologies.

Virtual assistant and IoT applications are still evolving, though, and businesses will need to experiment first. That’s why it’s critical to select a UC vendor who understands how IoT and artificial intelligence enhances consumer interactions. Let BSB help you overcome obstacles and open more doors to converse with your customers.

BSB Buzz: Meet Jeff Baron

Jeff Baron

Jeff has been a Project Manager with BSB Communications since April 2007 and is located in our Port Huron Office. Jeff met his wife, Mary, at Lake Superior State College in 78' and married in 1980. He enjoys his grandkids, playing almost any sport, bicycling, swimming in Lake Huron, kayaking just about anywhere, hiking woods trails, camping, playing board games, and attending music festivals. Jeff and his wife have (5) children, Everett, Greg (and wife Alecia), Aimee (and husband Jeremy), Steven (and wife Ronnie), and Jacob. They also have (5) grandkids, ages 10 months to 10 years old; Jayce, Brenin, Charlotte, Arya, and Kathryn.

Jeff's family is well known within the Port Huron Music Community, as the founders of the BlueChiliGrass Festival, the facilitating Lake Bonisteel Music Association, the subsequent Gary Sargent Memorial Scholarship Fund, and the Orphaned Instrument Auction that funds those scholarships. Also known for our family band, 'The Barone's and Friends'.

Jeff entered into the Telephony/IT industry in 1983 as a field technician, and has served as an Operations Manager, Sales Executive, Branch Manager, Owner, Design Engineer, and/or Project Manager the 36 years since then.

"I love working at BSB. The technical aptitude of our technical team is beyond compare. Our ownership is truly dedicated to both customer AND employee satisfaction. The Mitel product portfolio leads the industry. My fellow staff members are competent, dedicated, and professional. All of these factors allow me to succeed as a project manager, and look forward to coming to work each day."

– Jeff Baron, Project Manager

What Our Customers Are Saying

Customer reviews

Several years ago we made the decision to switch our communications solution to Mitel through BSB Communications. It was one of my early decisions as CIO and it had to make an impression. While the entire BSB team was amazing, the face of the solution to our users was Susan Krans and the technical installation team. The communication skills, patience, and deep understanding of the product from the whole technical team made all the difference. It takes a group of professionals when you implement a change for 250 users and 14 locations. Since that time, we have been nothing but satisfied with the product and the entire team at BSB Communications.

I would recommend BSB Communications (and Susan Krans) to anyone considering such an important technology decision.

Corrigan Moving Systems Neil D. Nosakowski, CIO
Corrigan Moving Systems

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