Capital Markets

Eliminate turret and communications silos and deliver a complete solution on a single IP platform. Mitel's Capital Markets Solution blends the best of IP and turret functionality while providing scalable, flexible solutions.

The Challenge

Current solutions are designed for large, single location sites.

Current solutions are site-based, expensive to purchase, and costly to maintain.

Consequently, many of today's finance IT environments are closed, specialized networks. Distributed and smaller trading environments remain confined to in-house solutions consisting of generic enterprise solutions and basic IP phones.

The Answer

A new trading solution from Mitel® eliminates turret and communications silos, delivering a complete solution on a single IP platform.

No matter the application—primary location, Disaster Recovery backup, home office, or branch office—Mitel's Capital Markets Solution provides scalable, flexible answers that can grow with your business. Mitel's plug-and-trade solutions can be installed within hours and are easy to maintain, giving your customers more time to trade. This translates to cost savings of up to 30 percent as compared to traditional trading solutions for a single site. Networked sites can realize savings up to 60 percent.

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