Retail Banking

Deliver solid customer service, extend customer life cycles, reduce attrition, and open new windows of opportunity. Mitel provides retail banks with the tools to proactively manage current customers and actively assist in the attraction of new ones, allowing you to proactively respond to economic fluctuations while delivering consistent value.

Mitel financial services solutions are designed to extend the customer life cycle, reduce customer attrition, and support new business programs.

The Challenge

Current solutions are not focused on personalizing remote customer interaction, and they do not allow employees to stay connected to the office and customers when traveling.

The Answer

  • Contact Center Solutions: Ideal for delivering personalized attention to your remote customers. Mitel's solution ensures that customers' calls are answered quickly and by the right banking experts.
  • Mobility and Collaboration Solutions: Ensure that employees stay connected regardless of where they are. Mitel Mobility Solutions provide the same features that you have in the office while on the road.
  • Audio and video conferencing: Give customers better access to your banking experts while increasing productivity. Conferencing eliminates travel between branches and provides on-demand employee training via Mitel's rich collaboration tools.

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