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Federal Agencies

Your mission is to make it simpler for citizens, businesses and other government agencies to interact and transact with you while saving taxpayer dollars. Mitel offers you the freedom to choose your communications solutions in line with your budget and business realities.

Your Challenges

You are rethinking how and where you conduct your business, along with how and where your employees better accomplish their mission objectives.

  • Spending taxpayers dollars wisely—Improving citizen-centric services with the smart adoption of technology to better support staffing needs, business process improvements and delivering new efficiencies in service delivery
  • Enhancing intra-agency collaboration communications for improved agility and coordinated responses
  • Working smarter, not harder to avoid duplication of efforts
  • Meeting national objectives for improved homeland defense and DoD transformation
  • Ready for the unexpected with the people, process and IT in place to support government continuity of operations plans
  • Promoting teleworking opportunities

The Mitel Possibilities

Cost-effective Migration and Interoperability – Integrating with your existing telephone system is possible through the Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP), a multifunctional special purpose tool of communications, allowing any agency to begin implementing innovative work enhancing solutions while retaining their existing equipment. Migration can occur one handset at a time, or another department at a time, when budget allows. Mitel provides agencies with flexible options for deployment by providing a platform designed to act as both a TDM and and IP-based telephone system or as a gateway that facilitates interoperability with an agency's existing voice infrastructure.

Network Agnostic – The 3300 ICP can be configured and integrated into any LAN / WAN infrastructure – regardless of the manufacturer. The 3300 ICP works over Cisco®, HP®, Enterasys®, Extreme Networks®, Foundry Networks®, Nortel® or 3Com, any issue with vendor allowing agencies to select best-of-breed technology to satisfy their communications requirements.

Continuity of Operations – Mitel's resilient 3300 ICP ensures reliable communications when PBX-based lines are out of order. Mitel offers flexible teleworking, wireless, and conferencing solutions that when integrated into your emergency operating processes assist in keeping your critical operations running while continuing to deliver essential services until recovery is possible.

Citizen Interaction – Mitel's communications tools promise better interaction between staff to improve workflow and ultimately citizen service. Customer Interaction tools such as Intelligent Directory, Your Assistant and Integrated Office Communicator enhance workflow and offer the means to improve operational efficiency, allowing you to re-invest the savings in front line service delivery.

Unifying Communications – The convergence of voice and data enables new applications to be created: from presence and availability tools designed to identify when you are on the phone, in a meeting or away from your desk; to cost-effective conferencing and collaboration tools, allowing users to engage in informal, on-the-fly conferencing and knowledge sharing across the agency.

Government Contracting Options

Federal agencies can take advantage of Mitel's GSA Schedule 70 and eBuy to quickly procure their IT needs. In addition, Mitel uses its exclusive telecommunications vendor contract with the National Joint Powers Alliance® to help government, education and non-profit agencies purchase Mitel Unified Communications Solutions without going to tender, saving your organization both time and money. Mitel also maintains relationships with small, minority, women and veteran-owned businesses to better support government procurement mandates.

Greening IT – Our Commitment

Mitel is committed to designing and developing products that are energy efficient, safe and protective of the environment, and can be reused, recycled, and / or disposed of safely. We provide ENERGY STAR-qualified power supply circuits for Mitel IP phone that use about one third less energy. We are reducing the harmful chemicals in IP set design, and 66% of our phones are recyclable. Mitel 5212 IP Phone uses 41 percent less power than its largest competitor. We're working with industry leaders, such as Sun, to promote energy-efficient technology to improve your bottom line. To help lower your carbon footprint, Mitel's conferencing and collaboration time and travel-saving solutions offer a supplemental means to enhance the way you operate.

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