Acute Healthcare

Acute healthcare professionals are rarely found at a desk. More often than not they are on their feet, moving from patient to patient and collaborating with colleagues.

The result can be delays in responding to patient needs and accessing critical information – delays that leads to stress for the patient, for their relatives, and for staff. Mitel communications solutions for acute healthcare eliminate those delays and ensure fast, efficient healthcare delivery.

A single communications solution

Mitel Unified Communications enables acute healthcare organizations to deliver a single communications suite across fixed, wireless, and mobile devices. This liberates staff, improves patient care, and drive costs down.

  • Twin up to 8 devices. Twin up to 8 devices, including desk, mobile (including Bring Your Own Device) and wireless phones into a "Personalized Ring Group with Dynamic Status" to define call routing to a single number.
  • Reduce bed-blocking. The IP-telephony based Mitel Healthcare Dashboard reduces bed blocking. Notifying housekeeping of patient discharge enables a faster bed turnover period.
  • Integrate environments. Migrate between proprietary hardware, industry standard servers, or a VMware virtualized environment without having to purchase new software, licenses, and devices.
  • Improve patient care. Consultant and doctor audio video web conferences eliminate delays in consultation and speed treatment.
  • Support remote workers. Enhance your duty of care to your staff working in remote areas by providing lone worker alarms.

Mitel's unique approach to Unified Communication and collaboration allows acute healthcare organizations to collaborate between sites without undertaking a major investment in technology.

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