Long Term Care

To be competitive and attract new residents, long-term care facilities must deliver communications capabilities to patients that enable them to stay in touch with family just as they did in their own homes. Mitel communications solutions for long-term facilities help do that.

Full-featured communications for residents and staff

Through the delivery of automated call distribution, individual staff and resident voicemail, and the ability of staff and residents to "hot desk," limited staff resources can be dedicated to meeting and exceeding resident care expectations.

  • Support older buildings. Deliver IP data and voice to older buildings without the expense of upgrading the wiring infrastructure.
  • Twin devices. Twin up to 8 devices, including desk, mobile (including Bring Your Own Device for residents) and wireless phones into a "Personalized Ring Group with Dynamic Status" to define call routing to a single number.
  • Change at your speed. Protect your current investment and migrate at your own pace to negate the cost of a major IP investment.
  • Ensure staff safety. When dealing with troubled residents, staff safety is paramount. Mitel's compatibility with third-party products means that lone worker alarms can be incorporated directly into the facilities' wireless phone systems.

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