This on-premises wireless communication solution allows employees to be mobile within an organization without having to use costly cellphones.

IP-DECT wireless technology enables businesses to extend the reach of their voice network to improve customer service in a cost-effective manner.

On-premises wireless communication significantly reduces costly cellular phone use. The Mitel IP-DECT System (Global) enables the enterprise to control and manage their mobile communications costs on the premises. The IP-DECT System can deliver up to 2,000 handsets per installation via up to 1,000 LAN-connected radio base stations delivering comprehensive, cost-effective voice and messaging radio coverage.

The Mitel IP-DECT System (Global) provides a highly scalable, messaging-capable solution with a portfolio of wireless phones to address a wide range of usage scenarios. It is ideally suited to verticals such as healthcare, manufacturing, security, and retail that require wireless voice and messaging services. Integrating directly with the Mitel MiVoice Business, the system supports both European and North American DECT standards and can be deployed globally.

The IP-DECT System consists of:

  • Mitel IP-DECT Base stations deployed throughout the desired coverage area,
  • Mitel wireless phones tailored for office or healthcare/industrial applications,
  • Mitel Wireless Services Messaging (WSM) gateway for real-time messaging/alarm applications,
  • A wide range of specialized accessories and tools.

Product Downloads

Mitel DECT Basestations Data Sheet »
Mitel IP DECT Data Sheet »
Mitel DT4X3 Cordless Phones for MiVoice MX-ONE - User Guide »
Mitel DT4X3 Cordless Phones for MiVoice MX-ONE - Quick Reference Guide »
DT690/DT692 Cordless Phone for MiVoice MX-ONE - User Guide »
DT690/DT692 Cordless Phone for MiVoice MX-ONE - Quick Reference Guide »

Our Solutions

Mitel DECT Solutions

Mitel DECT solutions are scalable and compatible with Mitel communications software and a variety of 3rd party call control platforms.

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Mitel SIP-DECT offers businesses of all sizes a comprehensive solution for cordless telephony on IP-based networks.

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SIP-DECT Basestation RFP 36 IP

The IP 65 outdoor SIP-DECT Basestation RFP 36 IP is connected directly to the LAN like a VoIP device, while using all the benefits of the established DECT technology for radio transmission

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Mitel 632 DECT Telephone

Mitel 632 DECT Phone is the new ruggedized DECT business phone.

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Mitel 622 DECT Phone

The comfortable Mitel 622 DECT Phone has a large illuminated 2 graphic color display and 8 programmable keys provide you with quick access to your favorite functions.

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Mitel 612 DECT Phone

The Mitel 612 DECT Phone of the Mitel 600 DECT family is the basic model for the business sector.

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Mitel DT690 DECT Phone

The Mitel DT690 DECT Phone is the clear choice for demanding office users, but is also developed for use in other types of environments such as hospitals, as the phone is cleanable with a damp cloth

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Mitel DT390 DECT Phone

The Mitel DT390 DECT Phone is the essence of simplicity. With its modern design and easy-to-use display, this is the choice for the pure office environment.

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MiVoice CM-16 Wireless Phone

Offering exceptional features and performance, the sleek and stylish MiVoice CM-16 Wireless Phone Enterprise Cordless improves productivity by providing mobility in M1 PBX business environments

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Integrated IP Wireless Phones

Mitel offers a choice of full-featured, integrated wireless IP solutions to suit your geographic and technology preferences (DECT and Wi-Fi / 802.11). These solutions permit the easy addition of...

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MiVoice Wireless Messaging Gateway (WSM3)

The Mitel Wireless Services Messaging (WSM) gateway enables the wireless phones to function as two-way messaging and alarming devices allowing integration to other enterprise systems or specialized...

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Mitel IP-DECT Basestations

IP-DECT Basestations provide wireless access to mobile users within the desired coverage area.

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MiVoice 5607 Wireless Phone

The MiVoice 5607 is a Mitel cordless phone that is designed specifically for demanding manufacturing, industrial and security environments where

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MiVoice 5604 Wireless Phone

With its advanced communications capabilities and built-in safety features, the MiVoice 5604 Wireless Phone is ideal for industrial and outdoor worksites

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MiVoice 5603 Wireless IP Phone

The MiVoice 5603 wireless handset is a cordless phone built for intense daily use by a user with less-complex call-handling needs

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Mitel DECT Module and Accessories

Combining the freedom of cordless mobility with the feature richness of your desktop phone.

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