Telepo for Service Providers

Drive revenue, loyalty and margin as a service provider with our white-label and multi-tenant cloud communication solution.

The MiCloud Telepo for Service Providers helps you succeed with the business market. You can offer a wide range of user-centric branded unified communication services that are easy to install, maintain, sell and use – that evolve with the needs of your customers.

This platform is based on a flexible architecture that can operate in public or private cloud environments, including virtualized deployment. It has a remarkably quick time to market and because it's a single platform everything works together brilliantly.

User Centricity and Single Number Reach

Mitel's user centric approach and single number reach allow business users to be contacted on any devices through a single phone number.

Intelligent Media Routing

The intelligent Media routing engine lets administrators and users automatically control how inbound and outbound voice calls are handled through an intuitive web interface.

Enterprise Presence Services

The rich presence services give all users an at a glance status of all other users, such as busy, in meeting, speaking in phone, based on values specified by each company. Companies can also define their own group policies to manage visibility in the enterprise.

IP Centrex Functionality

Our solution provides a full range of IP Centrex features, such call park, intercom calls, call recording, diversion bypass, call intrusion, call pickup, charging accounts, night mode schedules, call queues and interactive voice response, music on hold and more.

Company Directory Search

All our clients for PC, Mac and Smartphones offer a user-friendly directory search feature with results shown in real time as you type your search for names, skills, departments etc.

Call Center, Attendant & Hunt Groups

Our solution includes call center, attendant, IVR and hunt groups. Agents of these services can use their preferred mix of fixed, mobile and softphones when performing their role.

Voicemail & Unified Inbox

Visual voicemail, fax and call recording services enable end users to retrieve messages in the personal web portal interface of their softphone, web browser or smart phone.

Instant Messaging

Users within a company can use their PC, MAC and Mobile clients to communicate through Instant Messaging.

Conference Service

Mitel conference bridge services allow users to schedule and initiate multi-party conferences as well as easily join through 'click to join' links in calendar invites, SMS reminders and more.

Notable Customers

Destiny, Cgate, efftel, Esecom, iCentrex, Solusbc, Setera, Sonera, Tele2, Telia, uno, AllTele, Voxx

Product Downloads

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MiCloud Telepo for iOS 5.3 »
MiCloud Telepo for Windows Mobile 4.0 »
MiCloud Telepo for Desktop 4.5 »
MiCloud Telepo for Service Providers 4.2 »
MiCloud Telepo Technical Overview 4.2 »
MiCloud Telepo Lync Connect 4.2 »
MiCloud Telepo Exchange Calendar Connect 4.2 »

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