Mitel ACP Contact Center

Still today, customers loose a lot of time when reaching the wrong persons in enterprises.

The Mitel ACP Contact Center will help your company in directing each request, whatever its media, to the best possible agent, and offering him/her the appropriate information for handling the request. Customer satisfaction increases, and everybody saves time. This solution is integrated into the Mitel Communication Portal, the extensible multi-service communication portal.

The Mitel ACP Contact Center is a contact center solution that offers the following advantages:

Powerful calls routing:
Calls routing can be customized to fit the needs of your company. Here are examples of what can be done with the Mitel ACP Contact Center:

  • Choice of the agent profile using skills, languages and teams membership. These can be determined based on caller information, called number, etc.
  • Priorities between calls based on caller information (VIP lists, etc.), called number, waiting duration, etc.

The Mitel ACP Contact Center routing can also be combined in a single server with the ACP IVR solution for qualifying calls, playing dynamic announcements, recording conversations, etc.

Outbound calls:
Voice calls management is not limited to incoming calls. Outbound voice calls are also managed, offering not only call campaigns features (for marketing prospection or surveys, typically), but also callback, for not missing any customer request. The choice of the agent for each outbound call determines, like for inbound calls, an agent profile using skills, languages and teams membership.

Inbound and outbound can be blended, as each ACP agent may work for both services at the same time.

Voice calls are of course not the only way for your customers to reach your company! The Mitel ACP Contact Center can also receive e-mails and faxes and route them to the best skilled agent, sharing the same skills-based routing as for voice calls.

Moreover, the ACP can interact with enterprise Web sites for requesting callback, showing real-time contact center information, qualifying calls, etc.

Quality analysis:
Supervisors and managers can observe how good the requests are managed, in real-time as well as recorded. The Mitel ACP Contact Center offers not only graphical and wallboard-based tools to observe the current status of the system, but also statistical reports that compute the past performances.

The Mitel ACP Contact Center is designed for interacting with your entire enterprise infrastructure:

  • CRM tools can be integrated, combining the power of the ACP routing with the knowledge your the Customer Relationship Management application.
  • The ACP scripting can access databases, which can be used for reading customer information, for consulting the enterprise calendar, for saving customer input or statistics, etc.
  • The ACP scripting is also open to communicating with external applications by integrating external modules into the scripts.
  • Finally, the ACP offers several toolkits, allowing integrating ACP features in third-party applications for card pop-up, workforce management, statistics, etc.

Ease of deployment:
Thanks to the Web-based graphical user interface, no application has to be installed on agents' and supervisors' computers, except simply a Web browser.

For any company:
The Mitel ACP Contact Center can manage a wide range of users: from 1 to 300 agents per server, with a networking capability up to a total of 3,000 agents.

High reliability:
The Mitel ACP Contact Center can benefit from duplicated servers, ensuring a high availability, at a single place as well as over multiple locations (disaster recovery).

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