Virtual Voice

To improve communication, you have to change the conversation

Mitel has a long history of finding new and innovative ways to solve complex business communication challenges. Often, this means thinking outside the box...quite literally.

  • We helped usher in voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and started the industry's evolution away from TDM switches. Coupling voice with the IP network offered scalability, cost savings, and simplified support and maintenance.
  • Then, we did some decoupling: breaking hardware and software apart, and allowing businesses to add their communications solutions into their data infrastructure. By using the same types of servers for all applications across the board, companies could reduce communications costs even further.
  • We successfully cracked the code on real-time virtualization of voice. Now, real-time voice communications can run on a virtualized platform, alongside other business applications, without latency. Companies can finally take advantage of the savings and maintenance benefits of virtualized servers – with no impact on call quality. IT staffs love being able to manage voice and data applications in the same way, in the same virtualized environment.
  • Recently Mitel brought unified communications to the VMware View™ virtual desktop, enabling users to truly take their entire office extension and all. IT can manage everything centrally in a data center — freeing them to nimbly respond to growth, updates, security concerns and other business needs

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Save time and money by improving the efficiency of your virtual environment with VMware Operations Management solutions.

Reasons to Virtualize

Voice, now a mission critical application for many organizations, needs to run on the best infrastructure possible.

Top Reasons to Virtualize

Data Center Virtualization

Imagine being able to manage unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions like any other business application in your virtualized data center.

Virtualized Voice in the Data Center

Desktop Virtualization

Reap the benefits of adding unified communications and collaboration (UCC) to other virtual desktop applications.

Virtualized Voice on the Desktop

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