Call Recording

Personal Voice Documentation and Collaboration Solution

Talkument voice documentation software provides businesses complete control over risk management, quality assurance, customer retention, dispute resolution and other critical business concerns. Talkument users enjoy the familiarity of an Outlook-style interface to store and organize call recordings of their important business telephone conversations. Talkument software is unlike any other call recording solution on the market, which only offer limited call logging functionality, due to the patent-pending Call Recording Portable Voice Document (PVD™) technology at its core.

Call Recording PVD technology enables users to store, organize and playback call recordings, or voice documents, of their phone-based conversations. These call recordings can then be used to effectively drive quality assurance, workforce collaboration, dispute resolution and overall productivity measures.

Talkument is widely used in healthcare, legal services, insurance, financial services and many other industries. It delivers enhanced collaboration and an additional measure of revenue protection while supporting business documentation, dispute resolution, litigation defense, and project management.

An unlimited user license for Talkument voice documentation software is included with every Call Recording call recording system, a unique delivery model that is unmatched by other call recording vendors. Talkument features include:

  • Ability to highlight, annotate and share select portions of a call recording
  • Selective call recording, allowing only desired extensions to be monitored
  • Call visualization, which displays all activity that occurred throughout a call
  • Security permissions that provide discrete access to the entire call recording, or just a select segment
  • Playback via encrypted media file streaming for an enhanced level of security
  • Flexible call recording connectivity options, including IP station side, trunk side, digital station side and VOX recording
  • Click-once installation and upgrade technology for faster, simpler deployment

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