Contact Center

Intelligent Call Routing

Perhaps the most valuable tool in the contact center. Intelligent Routing will route callers to the skill group that can resolve their issue. We can route a caller to the agent they last talked to ensuring a consistent customer experience. What ever criteria you need to use to route calls effectively in your contact center we can provide the tools to get you there.

Outbound Dialing

Do you have hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of customers, prospects, patients, or patrons to contact? Manage those calls effectively with our dialing solutions. We will manage outbound campaigns as efficiently as possible. We can detect answering machines and automatically leave messages so your agents do have to. Let us help you get the most out of your agents time.

Media Blending

Do your agents have peaks and valleys in their day? Times when call volume is low and idle time is high. Media blending is a great tool to make the most of your agents time and provide the very best in customer service. Our contact center tools will not only distribute inbound phone calls to your agents but also outbound phone calls, email, chat, and SMS messages. Fill in all the idle time by answering email, making outbound calls for a marketing campaign, or chatting with your online customers. We will distribute that media and provide real-time and historical reporting on those activities.

Screen Capture

The perfect compliment to your call recording solution. Capture what your agents were doing while they were talking to your customers. Your customer says they ordered a quantity of 100 but received 10. Did they really order 100? Did the agent actually enter the order correctly? Imaging the possibilities when you can go back in time and listen to what was said and see what your agent was doing when it was said.

Call Logging/Recording

Resolve conflict, increase accuracy, and meet compliance requirements by implementing call recording in your contact center. Put an end to disputes between customers and agents, score your agents performance, and check the accuracy of your orders. All of these tasks are easy with call logging.

Call Scripting

Now your agents can handle every call exactly the way you intended them to. We will prompt your agents through each call so that they ask the right questions and gather the right data from every caller. If you haven't seen call scripting technology in action you are missing out. Increase accuracy and decrease manual tasks with call scripting in your contact center.

Back Office Integration

The contact center is all about call resolution. Answering the call isn't the end. You can now manage how the data gathered by your agents makes it to your back office software and eliminate the need for redundant data entry tasks.

Historical Reporting

The perfect compliment to real-time monitoring. You have dealt with the immediate problem now take a look back in time to find out how your contact center has performed and what you can do to provide better service in the future. Staff your contact center with the correct number of agents, incentivize your agents as motivation for better results, justify those new agents you need. Historical reporting takes the guess work out of running your contact center.

Real-Time Monitoring

The heart beat of the contact center. You can't manage it unless you can measure it. Give your contact center supervisors the tools they need to solve problems before they happen. We can give you the tools you need to send alerts if callers are waiting too long or if there is an email that has been a work queue for too long. Service your customers faster than ever by taking advantage of real-time monitoring in your contact center.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Automate tasks to allow customers 24x7x365 access to their data without the need to staff during off hours. We will design a user friendly interface that will free up your staff and still provide a high level of service to your customers.

Screen Pop

Have the necessary information presented to your agents before the call is answered. This tool will not only save time but increase customer satisfaction. We can use many different mechanisms for identifying a caller before they get to the contact center so that your agent can begin helping them right away. No need to repeat account numbers or identification numbers

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