Mitel Teleworker Service (Mitel Border Gateway)

There is a quiet evolution that is re-defining of the very nature of work. Traditional work day activities are no longer tied to a specific time or location. In this new scenario, employees across remote sites can now work collaboratively and access distributed company data and expertise – be it from home, across the city or across the globe. Reducing overheads, increasing productivity and efficiency of remote employees, and reducing carbon emissions are the core business benefits that stem from flexible teleworking.

The Mitel Border Gateway's Teleworker Service enables employees to work remotely with full access to voice mail, conferencing, and other features of the office phone system. The service is a secure plug and play solution which turns any Mitel IP phone in to a teleworker set.

In combination with the Mitel Applications Suite (MAS), and the Mitel Border Gateway Application and SIP Proxy services, businesses are able to deliver secure, full, "in-office" unified communications experience to remote and home-based employees.

For small businesses, the Mitel 5000 Communications Platform (CP) offers embedded teleworking, which requires no server, no licensing, and no additional cost. Home-based workers, road warriors, and day-extenders are afforded seamless, secure access to the communication capabilities of head office. By using the same voice mail, conferencing, and corporate security features as their in-office colleagues, remote workers can become more productive and in touch. The 5000 CP teleworking solution can be implemented quickly and easily using a Mitel IP Phone. Once head office's remote gateway IP address is entered by telephone keypad, the phone automatically establishes a connection to the 5000 CP and becomes registered as a valid extension of the office phone system.

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