NuPoint Unified Messaging

There can be a lot of places to look for messages from the fax machine to voicemail, to email – that's also a lot of passwords for users to remember. Mitel NuPoint Unified Messaging™ (UM) simplifies message retrieval – users retrieve voice, text, and fax messages from one synchronized message store using the device that suits them best.

Flexible Deployment Options

NuPoint UM delivers a common set of user features in different packages that meet the scale and reliability requirements of all businesses:

  • NuPoint UM Standard Edition is a full-featured and flexible unified messaging solution with a low total cost of ownership and scales to 57,000 mailboxes.
  • NuPoint UM Single Server delivers a high level of reliability and resiliency, and scales to 120,000 mailboxes.
  • Virtual NuPoint UM is qualified for VMware® vSphere™. Supporting up to 120,000 mailboxes, it delivers a highly available solution to meet the local and geo-diverse business continuity needs of today's corporations, including support for VMware Site Recovery Manager, and other vCenter™ Management Tools.
  • NuPoint UM MAS (Mitel Application Suite) Edition. NuPoint UM is available as part of Mitel's complete unified communications and collaboration solution. Users on MAS NuPoint UM can easily access additional UCC functionality like collaboration, presence and mobility through the MAS user portal or Mitel Unified Communicator® Advanced (UCA) client.

Mitel Speech Auto-Attendant

Inbound callers need to speak with a specific person in your company. Mitel's Speech Auto-Attendant provides callers with quick self-serve access to company resources.

Speech Auto-Attendant – Easy Call Flow Management

The speech auto attendant in NuPoint UM can be used for incoming calls at the attendant level, so callers just say a name or department and are automatically transferred to that number.

For an enhanced caller experience NuPoint UM Call Director can be used to create standard call flows and greetings in the same voice so that every branch office greets callers the same way.

The Speech Auto-Attendant is flexible enough to also be used by employees to easily connect with each other by speaking a name – whether they are in a conference room, in their car, or at their desk. Just say a name and the connection happens automatically.

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