Mitel Solutions for Remote Workers

Working from home or a remote office has never been more productive.

In a competitive global marketplace, organizations are under pressure to find new ways to attract and keep top performers, locate them where they can be most effective, and help them stay productive.

This has led to a growing trend toward remote workers, who are breaking the traditional mold and working out of homes and small offices across the country and around the world.

An "in office" experience anywhere

With Mitel Mobility Solutions, remote workers communicate with clients and coworkers as if they were in the same building.

  • Communication. Mitel Teleworker Solution lets remote workers have the same rich communications capabilities as in-office workers..
  • Presence. Mitel Unified Communicator® Advanced (UCA) presence information is updated automatically, based on location, calendar, and time of day. So managers, customers, and colleagues always know when, where, and how best to reach remote workers..
  • Collaboration. Mitel Audio & Web Conferencing lets remote workers share documents and participate in live video conferences for a true "in-office" experience.
  • Access to information. At home, across the city, or around the globe, distributed secure company data and expertise is instantly available to remote workers.

Productive, efficient, loyal workers

When remote workers have the communications capabilities they need to perform well, the entire organization benefits.

  • Greater productivity. Mitel Applications Suite (MAS) lets remote workers benefit from the same communication and collaboration available in-office, helping them work more effectively.
  • Secure communications. Mitel Border Gateway (MBG) ensures communications security no matter where mobile workers are or what devices they are using.
  • Reduced costs. Lowered real estate, overhead, and HR and labor costs mean significant savings.
  • Hiring flexibility. Hire the best talent, no matter where it is located.
  • Life/work balance. Attract and keep the best workers by providing the balance they need to be optimally productive.
  • A green solution. Eliminate the daily commute and reduce carbon emissions, for an environmentally responsible workplace.

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