Encompass is a Managed Services offering available exclusively to BSB Communications customers. Encompass accounts for the total cost of ownership of your technology purchase and we will guarantee your costs for the term of the contract. We include service calls, remote provisioning, preventative maintenance, software upgrades, training for your users and administrative staff, and risk of loss protection. With our Encompass Managed Service program you can finally have piece of mind when it comes to your technology purchases. We encourage you to take a closer look and find out how you can manage costs more effectively with Encompass from BSB Communications, Inc.

Emergency Service: Less than four hour response time when your system is down.

Remote Provisioning: Monthly allowance for remote provisioning changes to your systems.

Risk of Loss: This is your insurance policy giving you peace of mind that no matter what happens to your equipment it will be taken care of.

Guaranteed Add-On Price Schedule: We will provide a schedule for adding hardware over the term of your contract so you will know ahead of time what it will cost for additional gear.

Software Upgrades: Software upgrades are included for the term of your contract. Simply pay for a service call and the upgrade is yours.

On Going End User Training: Perhaps the biggest depreciating factor in any technology purchase is the training of your end users. Users forget how to use key features over time, turnover of staff, and upgraded features are just some of the reasons training is so important. With Encompass we will provide ongoing training to end users so that they can continue to reap the productivity benefits associated with your technology.

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