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The Magni Group, Inc. is in the manufacturing business with Headquarters here in Birmingham, MI with multiple offices both domestic and internationally. Staying in communication with these international offices is key for our executives and BSB has not let us down no matter the challenge.

Nearly five years ago BSB Communications was given the difficult task of supporting our multiple systems, in many countries, whilst not being the primary vendor that performed the initial configuration and installation. BSB has proven their worth, time and time again, through their professional customer and technical staff. Which includes onsite support, and ability to deliver regardless of the technical or logistical issue at hand.

BSB has been a valuable partner with The Magni Group, Inc., a relationship that we look forward to continuing for many years down the road.

Robert Maldonado

IT Project Manager

The Magni Group, Inc.

DASI Solutions is in the software and support business. Our customers demand expedient support, so it made perfect sense that we would seek a telephony partner that could deliver efficient service at the highest level. BSB Communications does just that! We appreciate their rapid efficient response time, and the quality of their support is fantastic! Someone is always able to help right away, and they always know exactly what to do.

We embrace the latest technology and security is always a high priority. BSB answered all our questions, and designed a reliable Mitel solution for strict access and threat protection. Now our remote employees are able to securely collaborate and enjoy a rich unified communication experience from anywhere they choose.

We've been very impressed by the whole BSB team, and look forward to many more successful projects

Eric Endlich

IT Director

DASI Solutions

I would like to express my appreciation for having BSB Communications as a key partner for the Sommers Schwartz Law Offices. When it comes to technology investments, our firm has always been vigilant in our evaluation process. We look for a value proposition. The solution must be feature-rich, reliable, easy to use, and the vendor must be able to deliver on all the key system capabilities.

The Mitel system delivers robust unified messaging and mobility tools that have improved our business. We are especially happy with how the Mitel VolP Solution reduced our overall communications costs. BSB was very helpful in identifying the most beneficial tools, and their demonstrated integrity gave us the confidence to know that we will be taken care of for many years to come.

We are very pleased with our Mitel system! We firmly believe value is not measured on price alone, but rather how our team utilizes the tools to better serve our clients! That is why we chose BSB Communications!

Brian N. Stuart


Sommers Schwartz, P.C.

Over the years, BSB Communications proved time and again their ability to resolve our telecom related issues quickly and professionally. The trait I appreciate most in BSB is their flexibility. Even the most well thought out projects don't always go according to plan. BSB has consistently shown their ability to overcome unforeseen challenges, changes in the environment, and ability to adapt to our unique business needs.

All IT Managers are being asked to do more with less. There is a delicate balance that needs to be maintained in terms of costs, usability, complexity, and growth when evaluating potential technologies. BSB helps us find that balance in our telecom solutions.

BSB's service team is second to none. I've been fortunate to get to know many BSB employees over the years and they are always friendly, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to work with. Their consistent high quality of work has allowed me to step back from the minor details of projects with the trust that the requested work will not only be completed but meet my exacting standards.

Mitel systems are easy to manage while still being advanced enough to handle the complexities of our business. The fact that my team can handle many telecom admin tasks in house allows us to reduce costs and respond quickly to changes. Combined with BSB's additional expertise on more advanced functionality and we are well situated to meet future needs as they arise.

BSB has always been extremely easy to work with and highly responsive to our requests. The expertise of the entire BSB sales team has helped ensure the solutions we have implemented over the years have been very successful.

Due to the pace we move at, I not only need vendors I can outsource work to but partners I can trust as extensions to my team. I've never been let down by BSB Communications in the nearly 20 years I've worked with them!

Bradd Notestine

IT Manager

MPS Group, Inc.

BSB Communications has been a terrific partner for Softech for over a decade. Our market is ultra-competitive, so it's critical that we make sure all of our customer's are getting the service they deserve! We rely heavily on our call center metrics to make sure we are providing the highest service level to our customers. The BSB Team has allowed our company to quickly customize and automate our call center reports. Now, we proactively generate reports and have the most useful and relevant data at our finger tips! When we call for service we normally need help fast. That is why we especially appreciate BSB's inside support team. They have always been responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable.

Our partnership with BSB has been invaluable in reducing any "down time" and improving our customer's call experience. We would love to speak with anyone about the BSB Team! They provide expert advice and have the experience to back it up!

Jane E. Kaminski


Softech, Inc.

The entire BSB team has been the epitome of "awesomeness". In my 15 years of IT Leadership, until BSB, I have never worked with a vendor that truly acted as another arm of our department. Thank you for that...

Josh Brown

Director IT/GIS

Saginaw County

I wanted to take a moment to express our sincere appreciation to you and the entire BSB team from all of us here at Henry Ford Home Infusion. I have always been extremely satisfied with the services provided by your organization over the years. Your personal assistance in presenting us with phone system options were appreciated and certainly contributed to the final decision to upgrade our existing phone system.

The pre-planning, coordination and actual upgrading of the Henry Ford Home Infusion phone system was handled in a professional, organized and timely manner. Tom Lamb, Systems Engineer, and Jeff Baron, Project Manager, were absolutely amazing and provided support throughout the entire project. They worked tirelessly prior to the date of installation of the new system to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. Doug Meyers (as always) was instrumental in making the actual transition day relatively "painless" with very few (if any) issues affecting our healthcare operation. I do not believe we lost one call during the entire transition process. I received several compliments from our team regarding the ease in which your team handled this project. They greatly appreciated the on-going support and training they received on the new equipment. They commented on the prompt response to questions and/or concerns they had regarding the new system.

So, I thank you and your team once again for all their hard work put into this project. I would like to convey my appreciation to all of you.

Mel Tress, RN, BSN

Director of Operations

Henry Ford Home Infusion

The TWB Company business philosophy is simple and straight forward... 100% customer satisfaction and zero defects! That same standard was applied when we began our search for a communication partner. BSB Communications has a great reputation as a Mitel Solutions provider. Their proven in-depth knowledge base allowed us to develop a complete solution that addressed our demanding work environment.

Virtual technology was in the early stages when we deployed a virtual Mitel voice application. We required a solution that could keep our key staff members connected 24/7. We also took advantage of VoIP technology for seamless transparency between multiple facilities.

Brad Atherton

Network Operations Manager


"You do things right, and let me tell you, I have worked with a lot of companies over the years and working with all of you, has been a nice refreshing experience."

Michael Voren

Girl Scouts

The City of Wayne has partnered with BSB Communications since 2001. As the IT Director, my technology background helps me to say with confidence that BSB Communication's staff is the best in the business. Their experienced team has been invaluable in successfully completing many projects on time and within budget. Their support staff has been especially responsive when emergency situations happen.

Jeff Martin

IT Director

City of Wayne

I want to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for your rapid response to PACE Southeast Michigan's problem that occurred today with our on-call service. Your listening to the issue, fixing the problem, and your constant follow up with me on the phone helped prevent several emergency room visits for our patients.

Thanks again.

Sandra White

Director of Operations-East

PACE Southeast Michigan

I just wanted to write you and let you know how much I appreciate Ron working with us. He always goes above and beyond for me and our GHS staff. Every time I've had to deal with a phone emergency he's stepped up and quickly helped me out. Any other time I've had to work with him he is always in a great mood and is great to work with.

Thank you!

Gregory Nolkemper

Network Engineer

Genesee Health System

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