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February 2019

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BSB Communications has been providing Telecommunication services for 35 years. Check out our video to
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Happy Birthday, BSB! 35 Years Old!

35th AnniversaryFebruary 10th, 2019 was BSB’s 35th Birthday! What started as a naive vision by a few in 1984, has become a powerhouse provider by all in 2019. In the beginning, we could only dream of becoming what we are today. Those humble beginnings kept us grounded and determined to be what we are today. That vision would never have happened…without YOU!!

This special year is a testament to everyone’s perseverance, excellence, and dedication.

How We Stack Up!

In 1984 BSB started out in a small office in Detroit. Steve shared a story how he and Bill would stay late at night and remodel the offices: putting up walls, and building a small room for inventory; and how excited they were when they had 10 pieces of equipment in stock. Since then, BSB has grown to 5 Locations throughout Michigan and Northern Ohio and is blessed to have over 2,500 customers worldwide.Mitel ranking

Exceed Customer Expectations

Mitel VideoYour success depends more and more on customer satisfaction and retention. Do you really know how customers feel about your company…and why?

IoT is Opening Doors that Help Businesses Connect with Customers

Customers are conversing with brans in new ways, thanks to the Internet of Things. For many consumers, virtual assistants, chatbots and messaging apps are quickly becoming the preferred methods of communication.

Not surprisingly, businesses are taking notice. More than half of enterprises have invested in virtual assistant technology, and 25 percent of customer service centers intend to integrate virtual assistants or chatbots across channels by 2020, according to Gartner.

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BSB Buzz: Meet Jeff Baron

BSB Buzz: Meet Jeff BaronJeff has been a Project Manager with BSB Communications since April 2007 and is located in our Port Huron Office. Jeff met his wife, Mary, at Lake Superior State College in 78′ and married in 1980. He enjoys his grandkids, playing almost any sport, bicycling, swimming in Lake Huron, kayaking just about anywhere, hiking woods trails, camping, playing board games, and attending music festivals.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Several years ago we made the decision to switch our communications solution to Mitel through BSB Communications. It was one of my early decisions as CIO and it had to make an impression. While the entire BSB team was amazing, the face of the solution to our users was Susan Krans and the technical installation team.Customer reviews

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