2023 Accomplishments

In 2023, we prioritized vital verticals such as healthcare, financial services, government and education (SLED), and hospitality. We are dedicated to addressing their unique challenges with specialized solutions. Specifically, we are introducing HIPAA-compliant tools for healthcare, secure communication options for finance, tailored solutions for education, and personalized guest experiences for hospitality. We are committed to ensuring compliance, enhancing security, and optimizing operational efficiency across these industries.




Mitel and BSB Elevate have collaborated to offer a specialized Healthcare Partner program. This program is designed to cater to the unique requirements of healthcare institutions and provides customized solutions to streamline workflows, enhance patient experience with AI, ensure HIPAA compliance, and more.

One hospital struggled with maintaining HIPAA compliance and accessing past recordings. We implemented our HIPAA-compliant Mitel Interactive Recording (MIR) solution. This secure system allows them to capture consultations for training purposes, legal documentation, and quality improvement. Additionally, call analysis provides insights to optimize workflows and communication within the staff, ultimately leading to higher quality patient care and improved regulatory compliance.





BSB was awarded contracts for 5 cities and 6 counties last year to help them move away from their outdated Unified Communications platform or Software. The cities in question are Adrian, Manistee, Algonac, Auburn Hills, and Gaylord, while the counties are Oceana, Fulton, Alpena, Leelanau, Isabella, and Macomb. These organizations were looking for comprehensive solutions to improve communication, enhance security, and increase operational efficiency. This would lead to better citizen services, improved learning outcomes, and optimized government functions.

A recent survey shows that 78% of citizens want clear and accessible communication from their local government. We took it to heart. For one municipality struggling with inefficient citizen services, we implemented a custom solution. By integrating BSB Elevate with AI-powered chatbots and interactive voice menus, we created a 24/7 self-service portal for common inquiries.

The results? Reduced calls, happier citizens, and a more efficient government! Imagine residents paying property taxes, requesting permits, and reporting issues, all with a few clicks or a quick chatbot exchange. This isn’t just about convenience; it’s about building trust and transparency with your community.


During the past year, we have been actively engaged in a range of educational projects, with a total of 14 schools on our list. While we are proud of the work we have accomplished, we have also come across a concerning trend in the education sector. Many of the schools we worked with were still relying on outdated legacy phone systems that simply could not keep up with the demands of today’s world.

One school, in particular, was using an EOL antiquated ShoreTel phone system that was often unreliable, slow, and inefficient, causing unnecessary delays, disruptions, and security risks. Teachers, administrators, and other staff members were struggling with communication issues, which ultimately impacted the quality of education being delivered.

Our team identified a pressing need to upgrade the existing communication systems in order to serve the educational community better. We suggested the implementation of a modern MiVoice Business solution, which could be virtualized, eliminating the need for clunky hardware. This solution, combined with Mitel Revolution,

provides crystal-clear calls and bridges the communication gap between teachers, parents, and students. Mobile apps and platform integrations ensure that every voice is heard, while emergency alerts and mass notifications keep everyone safe, from weather warnings to drills. We believe that by adopting this virtualized unified communication solution, we can significantly enhance the overall educational experience for students, teachers, and staff.




BSB was awarded the Hospitality badge this year for our concerted efforts in the hospitality industry. We’ve helped numerous establishments break free and embrace the future with Mitel MiVoice Business.

Remember that survey revealing 73% of travelers prioritize personalized communication during their stay? We took it to heart. For one struggling hotel in Miami, we integrated MiVoice Business with their guest service platform. Now, guests could reach the concierge via text, request amenities through a chatbot, and even schedule spa appointments – all without a single ring.

The result? Soaring guest satisfaction and streamlined operations! Imagine a world where guests don’t wait on hold, their preferences are effortlessly remembered, and every request is fulfilled with a prompt text or call. This isn’t just about convenience; it’s about building loyalty and exceeding expectations in a competitive market.




Frustrated with clunky phone systems and lagging customer experiences? Look no further! We’ve helped numerous financial institutions, including credit unions and banks, ditch outdated platforms like MiVoice Office 250, ShoreTel, and Cisco and embrace the power of MiVoice Business and BSB Elevate.

Remember? A recent study revealed that 60% of consumers prefer engaging with businesses via email, while 46% seek out social media channels. Recognizing this shift, we partnered with Talkative to revolutionize customer interactions for one client. We integrated advanced open media software, seamlessly adding intelligent channels like chat, chatbot, video, social messaging, and Cobrowse to their MiCC and Web Ignite workflows.

This innovative approach not only catered to evolving preferences but also streamlined communications, boosted agent efficiency, and empowered personalized interactions. Don’t let outdated systems hold you back. Embrace the future of customer experience with MiVoice Business and BSB Elevate – where seamless connections and satisfied customers go hand-in-hand.



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