VoIP Phone Systems for the Modern Workplace

From the office or halfway around the world, VoIP solutions from BSB make it easy for your employees and customers to stay connected.

Our VoIP Phone Systems Include

All-in-One Solutions Platforms

Adaptable & Integrative Design

Simple User-Friendly Setup

Stop Losing Potential Customers and Employees to Outdated Tech

With employees working remotely more than ever, you need a communications system that will allow them to connect and collaborate no matter where they are. VoIP phone systems aren’t just more efficient than older phone systems, they’re also more reliable, secure and compatible with the devices your employees and customers are already using. If you’re still relying on an older phone system, you’remaking it tougher for your employees to do their jobs and more challenging for potential customers to reach you.

Benefits of Our VoIP Phone Systems

Work From Anywhere

Work from home, the office or on the go.

Make and Receive Calls on Any Device

Use the devices you and your employees already have to make calls, including smartphones, laptops and desktops.

Advanced Collaboration Tools

Turn messages into face-to-face video chats with the click of a button.

Enhanced Call Control

Quickly transfer calls, set up call groups and access voicemails from anywhere.

Dissolve Silos & Encourage Business Growth

Improved information-sharing between departments leads to better decision-making and faster growth for your business.

Real-Time Reporting

Make data-driven decisions with VoIP’s real-time call logs and activity reports.

BSB’s VoIP Solutions

MiVoice Business

A total communication, collaboration and customer experience solution guarantees employees can securely call, chat and video. Whether they are sitting next to each other in the office or on screens many miles apart, MiVoice Business ensures complete connectivity.

MiVoice Business Subscription

Only pay for what you use: the MiVoice Business Subscription offers all MiVoice Business tools with a scalable, more flexible monthly subscription model. Enjoy faster adoption of newer technologies, predictable budgeting, regular updates and support.

Contact Center

Give your customers the freedom to interface with you on their preferred device and communication medium. This omnichannel customer experience management platform uses a private cloud call center to manage your customers’ journeys.


A single application provides a unified platform for voice, messaging, presence, conferencing, mobility and team collaboration. Break down barriers to cooperation, increase responsiveness and unite your teams with MiCollab.

Mitel Revolution

Mitel’s mass notification solution was built to enable communications between tens of thousands of devices. Send real-time and automated notifications of any typenetwork-wide: emergencies, routine communications, live overhead announcements, bell scheduling and more.

How We Find the Best VoIP Phone System for You

1. Discovery

We work with you to understand your business communications needs, consider your current environment, user types, processes, and pain points to design a VoIP solution.

2. Design

Our solutions engineers develop a suite of VoIP options tailored to your specific business requirements. We detail each option so you can make an informed decision.

3. Deploy

We work with you to ensure a smooth transition to your new VoIP system with minimal disruption to your business.

4. Train

We train your staff on the new VoIP system and are available long-term for questions, concerns, and ongoing support to ensure a successful VoIP deployment.

5. Leverage

We assure you’re getting the most out of your VoIP investment with regular upgrades and recommendations for additional features that will improve communication within your organization.

Upgrade Your Business Telephone and Make Your Life Easier

If you’re not utilizing a personalized spectrum of tools and applications in your communications system, you may as well be using old and outdated technology. That’s why working with a knowledgeable provider who’s in it for more than a paycheck is so important. At BSB, we know our products like the back of our hands and how to leverage the feature sets to best manage your business. Stop wasting time and money on incompatible systems, security blips and less-than-ideal customer service. VoIP is the way of the future, and BSB can help take you there.