Mitel Revolution has Your Back

In the event of an emergency, Mitel Revolution can be the fast and effective tool you need to keep others informed and safe.

Stay Connected When You Need it Most

No one knows for sure when an emergency is going to happen, but, if it does, reliable communication is vital. With Mitel Revolution, you can stay connected to keep everyone safe and informed in real time. Seconds matter, so emergency services are notified and dispatched quickly. And thanks to a wide range of coverage, team members, students, guests and staff can be alerted, no matter where they happen to be on campus.

Mitel Revolution also works well with other Mitel products including MiVoice Business. Schools, organizations and businesses can rest assured lines of communication stay open even amid an emergency event.

Communicate Quickly and Efficiently with Mitel Revolution

With Mitel Revolution, organizations can facilitate enterprise-wide communication for virtually any communications need – including real-time and automated notification alerts for emergencies, large scale notification for routine (or non-critical) communications, facility-wide live overhead paging announcements, scheduling of bells/pre recorded announcements, and mobile-centric communications for mobile employees, students, or others who registered using its self-service portal.


Complete Notification Solution

Offers access to the broadest range of multi-modal communications enabling emergency alerts, mass notification, and routine communications all from a single platform.


Embraces Mobility

Offers mobile apps for iOS and Android to enable notifications and alerts to/from mobile devices.


Simple Set-up

With out-of-the-box integrations, it can be deployed and working all in less than half a day’s worth of effort.


Designed to be Adaptable

Expanded possibilities with a wide-range of integrations with hardware device and software-based services to address today’s and tomorrow’s needs.


Large-Scale Support

Easily scales to support 10’s of thousands of devices enabling communications with large groups.

Your Industry Can Benefit from Mitel Revolution

The way we perform business has changed, so should the way organizations keep everyone informed, safe, and connected during critical situations. Mitel Revolution was built for today’s modern organization, embracing our mobile-centric world so that everyone is kept connected, informed and safe, no matter their location. With support for a wide range of integrations, hardware devices, and mobile device alerts, Mitel Revolution makes it easy for organizations to notify the right people, the right way, when it matters the most.


  • Scheduled Bells
  • Campus Lock-down
  • Paging & Announcements
  • Parent & Student Alerts
  • Staff Weather Alerts
  • Call Parking
  • Contact Closures
  • Digital Sign Alerts
  • General Notifications


  • Building Intruder Alerts
  • Paging & Announcements
  • Emergency Panic Buttons
  • Background Music
  • Digital Sign Alerts


  • Night Ringer
  • Scheduled Break Bells
  • Machine Outage Alerts
  • Audio/Visual Notifications
  • Contact Closures & Sensors
  • Spillage Notifications


  • Overhead Paging
  • Code Blue Alerts
  • 2-Way Hands-free Intercom
  • Patient Alerts


  • Call Parking
  • In-Aisle Help Buttons
  • Overhead Announcements
  • Contact Closures & Sensors
  • Emergency Evacuation

Upgrade Your Emergency Response with Mitel Revolution and BSB


1. Discovery

BSB takes a hard look at your current emergency response resources and identifies the gaps in what you have and what you need.


2. Design

Next, we’ll research if Mitel Revolution is the best alert system for your organization and industry and deliver the details so you can make an informed decision.


3. Deploy

We want to be sure that your emergency notification system is working as intended, so we aim for a smooth transition and testing of the system before it’s fully implemented.


4. Train

Faculty and staff need to know how to properly use Mitel Revolution, so BSB takes the time to train your team members on its proper use, so the information sticks even during an incident.


5. Leverage

BSB stays with you after deployment and since Mitel Revolution is highly scalable, we work to ensure it is meeting your changing needs and wants as your organization grows.

Your VoIP Phone System is More than Just a Phone

We understand just how important your emergency notification system is, and that’s why we want to give you the tools and resources that will help your students, patients, faculty, staff and guests stay informed even during an incident.

Organizations like yours need a VoIP phone system you can rely on – emergency or not. We have the experience and knowledge to help you identify the best systems for your needs, deploy them for you and train your team to ensure you’re getting the most out of it. We’ve helped countless businesses and agencies in Michigan and Ohio, and we’re dedicated to helping you next.