Take Your Communications to the Next Level with MiVoice Business

Partner with BSB today to elevate your communications, collaboration and employee and customer experiences through Mitel.

MiVoice Business Provides Your Customers with Business Freedom

All-in-One Solutions Platforms

Freedom of a single, cloud-ready software stream that can be implemented on any network, infrastructure, or platform

Adaptable & Integrative Design

Freedom of an in-office experience from anywhere, on any device

Simple User-Friendly Setup

Freedom to choose best of breed solutions to create solutions tailored to their business and unique needs

All the Flexibility You Need in a VoIP Phone System

MiVoice Business is a unified communications platform from Mitel full of features organizations require in today’s technology-rich world. With the ability to fit businesses and agencies of any size, Mitel delivers the resources you need to improve your approach to remote and hybrid work, collaboration and customer service. From retail to hospitality and healthcare to education, MiVoice Business is helping organizations improve their communications across the board and get away from outdated tech.

BSB’s MiVoice Business Provides Your Team What They Want: Options

Your employees are working from the office, their homes and the coffee shop. They need communications solutions that fit that ability to work from anywhere, anytime while also staying secure and being able to collaborate with their coworkers. MiVoice Business offers that and more.


Flexibility for Any Sized Organization

Not all organizations, businesses and agencies are the same, and MiVoice Business is a cost-effective solution that can change with your needs as your organization grows.

Make and Receive Calls on Any Device

Work from Anywhere

Mitel’s VoIP solution allows employees to choose where they work and remain secure and connected – no matter where they go or what device they use.


Improved Collaboration

With video tools, screen sharing, file sharing, chat and more, coworkers can work seamlessly together every step of the way, increasing productivity, efficiency and business growth.

Enhanced Call Control

Reliable Call Control

More control over calls means your employees can use reliable communications to stay in touch, better serve your customers and clients, and access real-time reporting.

Tailored Solutions

MiVoice Business can run on a purpose built sever (controller) or VM or HyperV; can be on-premise or in a third party data center; and can be purchased on a CapEx or Opex (subscription) basis.

Real-Time Reporting

Adaptable to Your Business Model

MiVoice Business has the flexibility of being a premise-based solution or a virtual solution so you can make it fit YOUR business model.

MiVoice Business Subscription

MiVoice Business Subscription is designed to deliver a unique industry-leading unified communications service experience for mid-large enterprise customers. Get a subscription-based UC solution that provides all the software licensing to enable unified, scalable, mobile communications to anyone, anywhere and on the user’s choice of device. It’s everything you need to take your communications to the next level—more mobility, rich enterprise and team collaboration, exceptional customer experiences— without the cost and complexity of a traditional, premises-based communications system. With MiVoice Business Subscription, you have a fully integrated solution, rather than sourcing many productivity apps from various non-integrated companies.

How Can YOUR Industry Benefit from MiVoice Business?

MiVoice Business

Professional Services

When it comes to professional services, your team and your clients can’t have a breakdown in communication. MiVoice Business keeps everyone connected, even on the go, through seamless connectivity.

MiVoice Business Subscription


With an improved approach to customer experience and communications, financial services can get ahead of the competition while also staying compliant with industry regulations and keeping client information confidential.

Contact Center


Reliable, efficient and HIPAA-compliant communication is a must-have in the healthcare industry, and Mitel delivers that plus the opportunity for improved patient experiences and more effective workflows.

Mi Collab


Especially in the face of supply chain issues, manufacturing companies must have the ability to reduce wasted resources and time. With flexible solutions, MiVoice Business can be adjusted to meet unique needs, too.

Communication Support, Call Center And Customer Service Help Des

Education and Government

Mass communication is necessary for education and government work, both for efficiency and safety. MiVoice Business offers both in addition to improved experiences for students, staff and faculty.

Hospitality and Retail

In the hospitality and retail industries, customers expect top-notch communications and service. MiVoice Business helps these companies elevate their approach to the guest experience while keeping costs down.

Partner With Us to Start Your Journey Toward Better Communication


1. Discovery

We’ll first look at your current approach to communications, your wants and needs, and the gaps that exist in your collaboration strategies.


2. Design

Our solutions engineers will identify if MiVoice Business is the best solution for your team and start to put together a plan for its implementation in your line of work.


3. Deploy

If MiVoice Business is right for you, we’ll work hand in hand with your team to ensure a smooth transition to your new phone system with minimal disruption to your productivity.


4. Train

We don’t just send you off with your new VoIP phone system and call it a day. We’ll train your team so they can make the most of your new UC tool, answer questions and offer ongoing support.


5. Leverage

Once you’re set with Mitel, we’ll continue to partner with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment and make recommendations that can improve your communications even further.

Overcome Your Communications Struggles with BSB

Organizations can easily get overwhelmed by the number of options out there for improved communications, but businesses have to keep up to meet growing customer and client demands and stay ahead of the competition. BSB is your partner in unified communications in Michigan, Ohio, and beyond, and we can help you cut through that confusion to give you the best recommendations for your work, efficiency and productivity.

Our team has the experience you need to identify the best business telephone system for your unique needs, wants and budget. And we’re not just here to make a sale and a quick buck. We’re with you every step of the way from discovery to training and beyond to elevate your entire communications strategy.