Modernizing Healthcare Communication: Comprehensive Solutions and Phone Systems

Efficient and automated communication is crucial for healthcare organizations to retain professionals and create a positive patient experience. BSB helps healthcare and elderly care organizations globally by providing streamlined communication services that support modernization and digital healthcare transformation.

Customized Healthcare Solutions Designed for Your Specific Requirements

Enhance Patient-Centric Care with BSB's Premise and Cloud Solutions

Discover how to transform your healthcare phone system and contact center for elderly care and healthcare organizations to improve the patient experience.

Increase Your Productivity

By implementing efficient workflows, you can achieve faster check-ins, checkouts, and more productive shifts.

Improving Patient Experiences

Improving the patient experience leads to increased satisfaction rates and higher reimbursement rates.



Healthcare Privacy

The protection of patient privacy is becoming increasingly important, particularly due to stricter privacy and security regulations. To address these requirements in regulated environments, BSB provides Healthcare Service Solutions offering standard controls for organizations. These controls cover security, privacy, and anti-fraud measures, including compliance with PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, and call recording regulations. These controls are available through product features or partnerships with other providers.


Together, We Can Provide a Better Level of Care

At BSB, we provide healthcare solutions to help healthcare organizations communicate more effectively with their patients. Our collaboration with healthcare applications, smart API solutions, and Cloud Link’s next-generation cloud platform offers secure and cost-effective solutions that improve interactions between employees and patients. With our focus and expertise in delivering solutions, we have successfully improved patient trust throughout their entire lifecycle.

Your Success Is Our Goal

At BSB, we can help healthcare organizations achieve success by supporting their journey toward digitization. We offer solutions such as automation, remote working options, and streamlined staff workflows that promote mobility access and instant data retrieval. Additionally, our phone systems for Healthcare and Contact Center solutions can provide AI-supported automation through patient self-service appointment bookings and reminders, as well as competency-based routing to connect patients with the right staff at the right time. Our solutions also offer omnichannel support for patients.



VoIP phone system, hospital phone system

What Healthcare Organizations Need in a VoIP Phone System

VoIP phone systems provide the critical communication connection that healthcare organizations depend on. Your patients rely on you as a healthcare provider to help them manage and treat medical conditions. You can only fulfill this responsibility when you have a communications system to keep you securely in contact with other providers and the patients themselves.

VoIP phone system, hospital phone system

A Vendors Prescription for HIPAA Security and Compliance

Whether you work in a multi-hospital healthcare system or a private dentist’s office, protecting personal health information (PHI) is essential. HIPAA’s rules and requirements are clear — no matter what, PHI must be kept completely confidential.

VoIP phone system, hospital phone system

Unified Communications or UCaaS: Which is Best for Your Industry?

Using data analytics as a means of unlocking valuable customer information is a huge opportunity for financial services businesses in particular, allowing them to exceed customer expectations.

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