VoIP phone systems provide the critical communication connection that healthcare organizations depend on. Your patients rely on you as a healthcare provider to help them manage and treat medical conditions. You can only fulfill this responsibility when you have a communications system to keep you securely in contact with other providers and the patients themselves.

Making the switch to this type of phone system can feel resource-intensive, particularly as you research and learn more about what you need to see in a VoIP phone system for healthcare providers. We will break down the key features you want to have in a phone system and the benefits these features can offer you.

VoIP Features Ideal for Your Healthcare Organization

VoIP phone systems operate through the internet, using broadband to carry your calls. The broadband-based phone creates a highly efficient system that provides healthcare organizations with critical benefits. However, bringing this type of system into a hospital or other medical environment has unique challenges and considerations.

To ensure the VoIP hospital phone system works for your organization, you want to verify that several key features are included in your setup.

1. Security

Your system needs to be HIPPA compliant and ensure that all the communication you receive from patients and other providers is always protected.

2. Seamless communication

Your practice might have people checking in remotely and providers working down the hall. Regardless of where someone calls from, you need the system to be reliable.

3. Integration

Your healthcare facility relies on a variety of existing technology and devices. You want a system that will integrate easily with existing devices and tech, such as your patient file system.

4. Improved healthcare standards

Overall, you want a system that can offer you improved healthcare standards. These standards include improving your management of patient caseloads, your collaboration between providers, and the experience you provide for all who come to your facility.


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What These VoIP Features Bring to Your Healthcare Organization

Here are four main benefits that your healthcare organization will experience with an updated VoIP phone system.

Seamless staff communication

Healthcare revolves around collaboration. When you have different people working on a patient case, you want them to be able to speak with each other, compare notes, and discuss developments without complications.

You can easily collaborate with your team with improved communication from HIPPA-compliant, secure, cloud-based hospital phone systems. This enhanced communication optimizes timing so professionals can better manage cases and patients.

Improve patient communication and service

Your patients also want to remain in communication with your healthcare team. Your improved communication system will make answering their questions about results, treatments, or other health-related matters easier.

You will also see your service improve. From checking patients in to getting them seen by the medical staff, the improved communication will boost your patient collaboration, and your patients will feel more like their time and needs are respected.

Financial benefits

You also want to pay attention to the importance of the financial benefits your business can access through using a VoIP phone system. An out-of-date phone system will work slower and be less reliable and efficient. Overall, these systems quickly become more expensive to run because of the workarounds required and the expenses incurred to maintain them.

You will improve your monthly phone bills with a VoIP system that scales with your business. The VoIP provider also keeps your system updated and upgraded without unexpected costs.

In turn, your improved customer care through communication and internal efficiency will help you hold on to patients, which will help the bottom line.

Better productivity

Overall, your VoIP phone system will help you boost your employee productivity. Their improved ability to connect and coordinate will allow them to accomplish their goals and provide excellent patient care.

You will see your workflows improve. Since administrative tasks take less time and energy to complete, providers can spend more time on patient care. The improved workflows will also help your practice reduce delays when moving patients through their appointments, from admitting patients to transferring and discharging them.

With VoIP, the communication elements of healthcare operations become optimized, providing businesses with the opportunities they need to serve their patients better and thrive.

Mitel Brings You the Connection You Need

With a Mitel phone system, your healthcare organization can capture all these benefits and more. Mitel’s feature-rich phone solutions eliminate complexities so providers and employees can connect with those they need to speak with quickly and easily, regardless of whether they work down the hall, from home, or at another office branch states away. Easy integration makes Mitel a leader in streamlined healthcare communications.

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