In the age of digital transformation, businesses are increasingly turning to advanced technologies to enhance their communication solutions. Third-party AI software integration plays a pivotal role in this evolution, offering a range of benefits from improved customer experiences to heightened security. Mitel, a leader in business communications, exemplifies this trend by incorporating AI tools from partners like Illuma Labs, Datava and Poly into its systems. This integration brings significant advantages to various industries, including hospitality, healthcare and financial services.

Mitel and Its AI-infused Integrations

Here are the top AI integrations Mitel has incorporated into their modern communications solutions:

Illuma Labs Integration

Illuma Labs, through the Mitel Solutions Alliance program, brings voice biometrics and authentication capabilities to Mitel’s platforms. This integration enhances security in finance and call center environments by preventing fraud and authenticating high-risk transactions via voice.

Datava Collaboration

Datava provides analytics and reporting solutions, integrating with Mitel platforms like MiVoice and MiContact Center. This partnership allows for data-driven insights, improving customer engagement and operational efficiency in various sectors.

Poly’s AI Capabilities

Poly enhances Mitel’s offerings with AI-powered voice and video endpoint products, improving the quality of communication in various environments.


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AI Software in Industry-Specific Applications

Mitel’s forward-thinking approach in incorporating third-party AI software into their business communication solutions offers specific benefits to a range of vertical sectors. Each industry has its unique challenges and demands, and AI software provides tailored solutions to meet these specific needs. Here we explore the specific tools and applications from Mitel’s partnerships that are transforming these sectors, illustrating the tangible benefits and advancements AI integration brings to the table.


  • Partners like Enseo, HotSOS and Poly provide guest-centric solutions, enhancing guest engagement and service delivery.
  • TigerTMS offers solutions for reservations, property management and guest engagement, seamlessly integrating with Mitel’s communication platforms.
  • Poly’s AI capabilities like noise cancellation and sentiment analysis elevate the guest experience in hotels.


  • Poly’s noise cancellation and speech analytics improve communication clarity in critical patient care.
  • Illuma Labs’ voice biometrics enhance HIPAA compliance and security in healthcare settings.
  • Mitel’s integrated solutions facilitate efficient communication, telehealth and patient engagement in healthcare facilities.

Financial Services

  • Illuma Labs’ voice biometrics platform integrated with Mitel systems provides secure authentication for banking environments.
  • AI algorithms from Illuma Labs detect and prevent fraud in financial transactions and customer interactions.


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AI Capabilities in BSB’s Elevate Solution: Enhancing Customer Experience

BSB’s Elevate cloud solution exemplifies the integration of third-party software and applications, leveraging AI and advanced technologies to boost customer experience significantly. Here’s how Elevate achieves this through various integrations:

CRM System Integration:

  • Elevate seamlessly integrates with leading CRM systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Zoho CRM.
  • This integration enables businesses to manage customer interactions more effectively, ensuring that customer data and communication histories are easily accessible. This not only streamlines workflows but also empowers customer service representatives to provide personalized and informed support.

Enhanced Collaboration Tools:

  • The cloud solution includes collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, and file-sharing applications like OneDrive.
  • These tools facilitate effective teamwork, essential for delivering prompt and high-quality customer service. By enabling employees to collaborate in real-time, regardless of their location, Elevate ensures that customer queries are addressed efficiently, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Call Center Software Integration:

  • Elevate integrates with prominent call center software like Five9 and Genesys.
  • This allows for a more streamlined management of call center operations. The integration leads to improved handling of customer inquiries and requests, directly impacting customer satisfaction positively. It enables a more responsive and efficient call center experience, reducing wait times and improving resolution rates.

Mobile Application Integrations:

  • The Elevate mobile app integrates with widely used mobile applications, including Google Maps and Waze.
  • This integration provides employees with real-time information about customers’ locations, enhancing mobility and responsiveness. It is particularly beneficial for businesses that require field operations, as it helps in optimizing routes, reducing response times and improving overall customer engagement.

By improving collaboration, customer service efficiency, and response times, Elevate positions businesses to meet and exceed the evolving expectations of their customers. This integration of AI and advanced technology into business communications is not just a step towards digital transformation, but a leap towards creating enduring customer relationships and operational excellence.


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Achieve the Business Benefits of Third-Party AI Integration with BSB

The integration of third-party AI software into business communication solutions offers significant benefits across industries. In hospitality, it enhances guest experiences and operational efficiency. In healthcare, it ensures compliance and improves patient care communication. In the financial sector, it fortifies security and fraud prevention. Companies like BSB demonstrate how leveraging these technologies can lead to innovative, secure and efficient communication solutions, tailored to the unique needs of different industries. This strategic approach not only improves current operational efficiencies but also paves the way for future advancements in business communications.

Side note: if AI tools don’t apply to your organization and you’d like to adopt an on-premise system instead, BSB is still the go-to partner to help you find the right solution! We specialize and have extensive experience in both on-premise and cloud systems.

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