This year, BSB’s renowned Techtober event hit the road, bringing the future of technology and communication to three locations throughout Michigan. Making stops in Grand Rapids, Detroit and Gaylord throughout early October, the 2023 Techtober Roadshow promised innovation, and it delivered spectacularly.

A New Wave of Sessions

The core of Techtober has always been its insightful sessions, and this year was no different. However, what set 2023 apart was the introduction of industry-specific sessions tailored for sectors like Healthcare, Finance, SLED, and Hospitality. This unique approach allowed professionals to network within their industries and discover how to elevate their organization’s communications. The financial sector, in particular, was in the spotlight this year, with strong representation from the credit union side.

Our most popular session: “Tips & Tricks”

At the heart of these sessions was the incredibly popular “Tips & Tricks,” which saw an overwhelming number of attendees. The “Tips & Tricks” session began with a live demonstration of Mitel’s newest Admin portal, offering attendees an insightful look into its latest features. This was followed by an engaging interactive segment where BSB installation technicians shared their expertise. They provided attendees with best practices, outlined the dos and don’ts and offered invaluable tips and tricks aimed at addressing and overcoming challenges that users might face. The session wrapped up with a Q&A segment, allowing attendees to delve deeper into specific concerns and gain clarity from the experts on hand.

We got such a great turnout and feedback on the “Tips & Tricks” session, that we’ve decided to bring people more education on this topic in 2024! Stay tuned for upcoming webinars, blogs and news articles from our trusted technicians on how to better use your Mitel phone systems.

An International Affair

Techtober 2023 became a global event with vendors like TollRing making the journey from England to showcase their latest offerings. RedSky highlighted their E911 services, while TelNet & Uma shed light on the evolving world of POTS lines. The presence of these vendors signaled Techtober’s growing influence on the international stage.

Delving into the Future

The event was not just about the present; it was a window into the future. A significant highlight was Mitel’s roadmap for 2024, offering attendees a sneak peek into what’s on the horizon. Additionally, the advancements of Elevate were on full display. Their journey over the past year and a half was evident, with new enhancements that left attendees in awe.

Our Three Venues: a Cross Between Beauty and Functionality

Apart from the innovative solutions, the choice of venues added to the charm of Techtober 2023. Each of the three locations was handpicked, not only to be unique but to complement and elevate the customer experience. From the picturesque Grand Rapids setting to the historic ski resort in Gaylord, every venue had its distinctive flavor.

Clients Taking Center Stage

For the first time, a client took to the stage to share their experience. Karen from Whitmore Schools discussed their utilization of Mitel Revolution & E911. Her presentation was more than just a testimonial; it was evidence of the tangible benefits that BSB’s solutions bring to organizations.

Other Highlights from the Week

  • The consulting class was a specific session tailored for consultants working with school districts. This invite-only session provided a platform for in-depth discussions and learning.
  • Our AI-focused sessions were a hit, highlighting the future of biometrics and synchronized metrics, emphasizing third-party software solutions.
  • BSB’s customers came to talk about legacy systems and how to easily migrate to a new hosted or premise-based solution based on organizations’ needs.

“Great networking opportunity and plenty of good information. Looking forward to next year.”

Techtober 2023 attendee

Extending Thanks and Looking Forward to Next Year

The 2023 Techtober Technology Roadshow was more than just an event; it was an unforgettable experience. From hands-on demos of new solutions to educational sessions covering a plethora of topics, Techtober lived up to and surpassed its reputation. Lastly, we want to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to all of our sponsors and attendees who came to spend the day or full week with us. We could not make this event happen without all of you.

As the curtains close on this year’s event, anticipation is already building for what Techtober 2024 might bring. If you have any questions about Techtober, please reach out to us!