BSB’s Techtober 2023 event was truly an enlightening experience for attendees, particularly with the introduction of its industry-specific sessions. Tailored to address the unique needs of sectors such as Healthcare, Finance, SLED and Hospitality, these sessions carved out a niche, allowing professionals to connect, share and learn within their specialized domains. But among these sessions, the standout was undeniably the “Tips & Tricks” segment.

“Tips & Tricks” Highlights & What’s to Come in 2024

Drawing our largest number of attendees, the “Tips & Tricks” session was a testament to its importance and relevance. Beginning with a live demonstration of Mitel’s latest Admin portal, participants were given a thorough overview of its new features. What followed was an interactive discourse where BSB installation technicians showcased their profound knowledge, offering a blend of best practices, invaluable insights and hands-on tips and tricks. The emphasis on the practicalities, such as the crucial nature of correct database backups and the utility of reference guides and cheatsheets, resonated deeply with the audience. The session concluded with a Q&A, allowing a deeper exploration of topics and direct engagement with the experts. This session, in essence, was a reflection of what Techtober 2023 aimed to achieve: providing actionable, relevant knowledge to its attendees.

2024 Will Bring a Consistent Stream of Tips, Tricks and Valuable Insights

At BSB, we’ve always been committed to staying attuned to the needs and feedback of our community. After the resounding success of our “Tips & Tricks” session during Techtober, we’ve taken your enthusiastic responses to heart. As we move forward into 2024, we’re excited to announce a renewed focus on this topic. Our expert technicians are gearing up to provide you with a regular stream of webinars, blogs and news articles featuring valuable insights, tips and tricks on unified communications solutions like BSB Elevate and MiVoice Business. Whether it’s handy reference guides, cheat sheets to streamline processes or time-saving tips and hacks, we’ve got you covered. We’re all in, and we’re making sure that you have all the tools and knowledge you need, right at your fingertips. Stay in the loop for updates to come in the new year!

Unified Communications in 2024: Enhance and Modernize Your Business Communications

BSB Elevate

BSB’s Elevate is reshaping business communications, steering organizations away from the heavy costs and complexities of traditional phone systems. As many of our clients have found, the shift to Elevate’s cloud-based solution addresses several key pain points.

New Features that Legacy Systems Lack

In today’s market, businesses have to rely on AI tools in the cloud environment to interact with customers, like through website chat. Legacy equipment doesn’t have the capabilities to keep up the collaboration necessary to communicate with customers in the way they prefer, such as text and chat. In order to stay competitive and relevant, businesses need to communicate with customers through the channels that are most convenient for them.

Consistent, Predicatble Billing

Unexpected expenses associated with on-site systems – like pricey line rentals, hardware upgrades, and maintenance – become a thing of the past.

All-in-one Solution

The struggle to juggle multiple communication applications is solved with Elevate’s integrated platform, which streamlines phone services, meetings, file sharing, and customer interactions into one user-friendly app.

Modernize Communications

Today’s businesses must meet the evolving needs of customers who expect to connect via various channels, regardless of whether staff are in the office. Elevate ensures that businesses remain agile, with seamless voice and text communication capabilities that keep teams connected and customers engaged, all potentially at a lower cost than current systems.

For businesses clinging to the notion that their paid-off on-site phone systems are cost-effective, the reality often reveals hidden fees and charges that accrue over time. While the base system is indeed paid for, the ongoing costs for lines, long-distance calls, maintenance, and auxiliary services like online meetings and mobile phones can inflate expenses considerably.

Elevate offers a modern alternative by eliminating these hidden costs, bringing maintenance needs to virtually zero, and wrapping all essential communication functions into one efficient platform. The result? Substantial savings and a boost in functionality. With Elevate, businesses can not only expect to save money, but also gain the tools they need most for today’s market. It’s time to explore how much your business could save and enhance its communication strategies with Elevate.


Reach out about Elevate to see how we can modernize your organization.


MiVoice Business

As 2024 brings dynamic business communication needs, MiVoice Business offers a comprehensive solution. This state-of-the-art unified communications solution by Mitel is primed to help your organization excel in collaboration and customer experience. The adaptability of MiVoice Business is undeniable, catering to industries ranging from retail and healthcare to education. It offers a robust set of tools like video integrations, screen sharing, and chat to foster productivity and growth. Whether your organization is keen on an on-premise setup or inclined towards a third-party data center, MiVoice Business offers tailored solutions, all while ensuring enhanced call control, real-time reporting, and an unmatched user experience. With flexible purchase options, including a subscription-based model for mid-large enterprises, businesses are assured of a holistic communications solution without the drawbacks of traditional systems.

Confidently Take on 2024 with BSB as Your Communications Partner

As we venture into 2024, BSB remains a leader in providing innovative communication solutions for organizations of all sizes and sectors. Partnering with us ensures that you are equipped with the cutting-edge unified communications solution that is tailored to meet the unique demands of modern collaboration, remote work and customer interactions. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and adaptability promises regular updates, webinars, and trusted insights from our technicians. With the expansion of our Tips & Tricks sessions, we aim to further empower organizations with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive. With BSB by your side, the future of communication is efficient and flexible. Here’s to a connected and collaborative 2024! Reach out to us today.