Elevate Your Communications with Mitel Contact Center

Employing contact center solutions can be the key to improving your business operations and the customer experience.

A Mitel Contact Center Offers Organizations:

Automated Quality Management with Speech Analytics Technology

Reliable communications


Better operations


Improved compliance with industry regulations


Increased security

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Elevate Cloud Communications

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Elevate Cloud Communications

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Don’t Put Your Organization at Risk with Phone Tag

Strong communications are key to improved productivity, efficiency, compliance and experience. If you don’t have the right solution in place, you could be receiving Fs in customer and employee retention, PR and reputation, compliance, security and uptime. And, with poor communications, you are likely struggling to keep up with your competitors – even your top talent may head for the hills. Failing to develop a solid strategy to improve your customer experience could lead to serious problems down the line.

How Will YOU Benefit from a Mitel Contact Center?

Put Customer Experience First

Heightened Productivity

How much time is wasted in your organization because of poor communication? With the right solutions, your employees can cut down on the runaround and get the information they need quickly and reliably, which can only improve productivity and efficiency even in our remote and hybrid work world.

Improved Customer Experiences

Customers don’t want to be left on hold for hours or start playing phone tag. A Mitel contact center helps your business and employees better serve customers, so your audience can have a personalized experience at every step of the conversation.
Stay Secure and Compliant

Better Business Reputation

Thanks to the improved customer experience a Mitel contact center delivers, businesses can also improve their business reputation. Better trust in an organization ensures customers are sticking around, new ones are coming in and you’re attracting top talent.
Ensure Business Continuity

Reduced Downtime

If your current communications solution goes down, how much time is wasted? How much money is lost? How many frustrated customers go to the competition? Businesses need solutions that are reliable, meaning more uptime and less downtime.
Personalize the Contact Center Experience

Improved Employee Experiences

It’s not only customer experiences that are improved – your employees will be happier with a more streamlined, effective and reliable solution. Employees don’t want to be frustrated at work, and better technology can help you hire (and retain) top talent.
Empower Your Agents

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Is the competition getting ahead of your business, especially when it comes to communications? Mitel contact center solutions ensure you’re catching up and getting ahead of them, which could be the key to growing your bottom line.

Our Mitel Contact Center (MiCC) Industry-Leading Features

Mitel Contact Center (MICC)

All-in-one Solution

The Mitel Contact Center is a complete customer engagement solution that includes everything you need to manage your contact center operation. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, MICC gives you the power to improve efficiency and deliver outstanding customer service. Our experts are committed to leveraging the Mitel products line to your business’s advantage – we often get requests from reputable Mitel dealers seeking our expertise!

Bright Metrics


Managing a contact center inevitably means vast quantities of data – which is only valuable if you know what to do with it. Easily tap into your aggregated data within the Mitel MiContact Center (MiCC). Track agent performance, customer hold times, the average speed of answer, and every factor that determines success – all in one easy-to-use dashboard.


Business Intelligence

MiCC includes market-leading software that provides data visualization and business intelligence tools that help manage a wide array of communication information, resources and assets. MiCC provides the critical tools to help you make decisions that improve your business.

DVS Analytics


MiCC provides robust, real-time reporting and analytics for contact centers. You can record customer interactions, gain insight into those interactions and their results via analytics, and use your insights for quality management to improve performance. Workforce management software is also included to help you schedule your staff, forecast future needs and track employee performance.


Personalized Experience

Hold meaningful conversations with your customers. With MiCC, you can deliver a personalized experience with AI chatbots, co-browsing capability, live chat, integrated platforms and real-time customer data at your fingertips. You’ll see a data-proven reduction in chat abandonment, increased inquiries and conversions, and more.

Better Customer and Staff Experience is Just 5 Steps Away


1. Discovery

First, we’ll get a solid understanding of your current approach to communications. This includes gaps, achievements, failures, struggles, concerns, and more.


2. Design

Next, we’ll dive into various solutions that help you build on those achievements while closing gaps to find the best communication options that will work for your organization.


3. Deploy

If you approve of the design, we’ll begin implementing the new solution. Our approach helps you achieve a seamless transition to your new communications.


4. Train

We don’t walk away once the solution is up and running. We’ll train your employees to ensure they know how to truly take advantage of the solution and optimize its use.


5. Leverage

And the buck doesn’t stop there. BSB provides ongoing support even after training to help organizations leverage all of their new contact center capabilities.

It’s Time to Enhance Your Communications

Did you know that over 56% of callers won’t leave a message or call back if their calls go unanswered? If your contact center is lacking, it’s likely your customer experience, customer retention, and reputation are lacking, too. Mitel contact center solutions only help to enhance communications, ensuring your customers and your employees have a solid experience every step of the way. Organizations like yours can easily take advantage of the latest tech to improve productivity, business opportunities, efficiency, security, compliance and more by partnering with the right team.