BSB Communications 
Public Sector partner Specialist

Improving citizen experience and citizen safety remains of utmost importance in public services. To deliver outstanding services to the public, the public sector faces various challenges that require innovative solutions and specialized expertise. Outdated infrastructure and legacy systems hinder efficiency, creating obstacles that hinder providing timely and effective services to citizens.

Additionally, the constant need to adapt to emerging technologies while ensuring data security and compliance adds another layer of complexity. Modern citizens demand accessibility, responsiveness, and personalized services from governmental organizations. Achieving this necessitates innovative communication platforms and strategies that foster meaningful interactions and empower citizens.

BSB Communications, focused on expertise and delivering results, understands the intricate needs of the public sector. We are proud to be recognized by Mitel as trusted advisors capable of providing the technology needed to create exceptional citizen experiences. Our specialization partners for 2024 have been carefully assessed against strict criteria and will work closely with Mitel’s Public Sector team to share industry and product knowledge. Additionally, as a preferred provider of communications and collaboration solutions chosen by Sourcewell, you can have confidence in our solutions, expertise, and commercials. Our partners act as selling agents, and leveraging the contract enables us to work together and pursue opportunities in the public sector. Join BSB Communications, a trusted partner recognized for our focus, growth, and collaboration.


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