Your business telephones should go beyond empowering your team to communicate effectively with each other and your customers. Today’s professional services companies need phone systems that support the latest technology and provide a hassle-free, secure experience.

Traditional phones aren’t cutting it any longer. With a new VoIP phone system, you can rely on the critical features your professional services company needs to thrive.

Essential Phone Features Pro Serv Companies Need

For years now, phone systems have done much more than facilitate communication between two parties. Modern communications solutions are packed with features that empower remote work, seamless customer experiences and simple scaling for growing businesses.

Phone Capabilities on Any Device

Your employees should never again be tied to a desk phone or a company-provided mobile. With VoIP solutions from Mitel, you can turn any laptop, desktop or other devices into a business phone. Mobile twinning allows a mobile device to become an extension of your business phone.

Whether your employees are working remotely or in the office, with a VoIP phone system, they will have the ability to communicate easily with their team and customers.

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Call Accounting and Recording

Gather the data you need to make the best decisions about your operations. With call accounting, you’ll have the numbers at your fingertips to inform your decisions about staffing customer lines. Call recording gives you important qualitative data to better train employees for improved customer service.

Auto Attendant

Sometimes your customers need a simple question answered quickly. An auto attendant can provide that service and can further assist business operations by transferring customers directly to the person they need. Auto attendants are particularly useful after hours and on holidays as they provide a baseline of customer service without the need for on-the-clock staff.

Voicemail to Email

One VoIP solutions feature that can streamline business operations is the ability to transfer voicemails directly to email. While not every employee stays on top of their voice mailbox, they likely check their email inbox up to 15 times a day (or more).

With voicemail to email, the audio of the voicemail message will be sent directly to the employee’s inbox. This can result in messages being returned faster, resulting in a smoother customer experience.

Additional Features

VoIP solutions go beyond these phone capabilities features for any device ꟷ call accounting and recording, auto attendant and voicemail to email. The following capabilities can come either standard or as an add-on with Mitel communications solutions:

  • Centralized voicemail system
  • Tailored music or messages for on hold
  • Hold and direct transfer
  • Disaster recovery
  • Conference calls
  • Call waiting
  • Remote support
  • Directory services

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Upgrade for Employee Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Whether you’re looking to improve your customer experience or you’re on the hunt for ways to empower your employees, you need a sharp set of tools.

Today’s business telephones can give your staff those tools, which are the capabilities they need to work productively and securely. Most of all, your customers will benefit from the streamlined experience VoIP phone systems provide.

Choose Mitel for Your Business Telephones

Not all providers offer the same level of flexibility and functionality. Mitel is a world-class communications solutions provider with decades of experience supporting business telephones.

Take advantage of the option to build your own contact center with Mitel. Get the latest software releases, add multimedia faster, and enjoy a wide range of additional benefits from the trusted communications provider.

If you’re currently using an on-premises system, find out how the cloud can take your professional services business to the next level. Move your operations environment to a secure, remote-capable business communications platform with MiCloud.

MiCloud and Mitel’s contact center are two of many options. Mitel offers a range of communications solutions, including:

  • MiVoice Business
  • MiVoice Business Subscription
  • Contact Center
  • MiCollab
  • Mitel Revolution

Each of these tools contains its own unique set of features. With the MiVoice Business Subscription, you’ll only pay for what you use. If your business scales up, you can add more lines and more functions as needed. This flexible monthly subscription model provides all the updates and supports you need at a customizable rate.

With Mitel, you’ll have the business expertise of a trusted phone provider and the adaptability of a full suite of tools.

Understand your options and make the best decisions for your professional services company. Our experts at BSB can help you evaluate and determine the best path forward for your team.


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