Members today expect the same type of services no matter the size of their bank or credit union: seamless customer experience, user-friendly, and online convenience. As your digital presence grows, it’s crucial to keep security and compliance front and center, along with how these improvements will add value to your members and staff.

A comprehensive cloud communications or Mitel unified communications platform significantly contributes to elevating member experience and involvement – whether members are physically visiting your branch or accessing services online from their homes. These platforms also enable your employees to work collaboratively and efficiently, no matter where they are located, while still fulfilling security, compliance, and privacy standards.

Let’s dive into the types of improvements your organization will experience by choosing a new cloud or on-premise communications solution.

Benefits of Cloud Communications for the Financial Sector

Empower members through self-service

Today’s consumers, whether in-person or digital, anticipate fast and convenient interactions across all platforms. This expectation not only affects your company’s web presence and mobile app capabilities, but also its overall communication strategy. Members are looking for proactive notifications via text or email about monthly statements, balances, and mortgage payments. They demand stellar service and easily accessible options, encompassing rapid issue resolution, various communication channels, and a customized experience – consistently.

Elevate revolutionizes member engagements for financial companies, regardless of their size. With its adaptable call flows and superior QA functionalities, our solution integrates voice, chat, video, and email into a unified omni-channel experience. It provides real-time member insights and comprehensive historical reporting to refine interactions. Plus, with dynamic notifications, it enhances outreach while still adhering to the preferences of the audience.

Optimize employee efficiency

Facilitate hybrid work arrangements and sustain productivity regardless of location. It’s essential for you and your staff to have the flexibility to work from any location. Your members should also enjoy smooth and consistent communication, which includes preserving the continuity of conversations over time as employees transition between channels from their home offices to the workplace.

Elevate smoothly combines all your communication tools – desktop phones, mobile devices, and computers – into a single, user-friendly solution. This adaptable approach accommodates the diverse needs and locations of employees, ensuring a consistent and business-focused experience for your members.

Uphold compliance and security

From adhering to legislation like Dodd-Frank to maintaining SOC2 compliance, banks and credit unions are tasked with routinely auditing their processes, systems, and files to confirm compliance with industry standards and to mitigate risk. Risk management also presents its own challenges, as data breaches and cyberattacks are on the rise and financial companies must support redundant storage, uptime SLA, customizable retention policies, data encryption, and offline data access.

Elevate, our cohesive cloud communications solution, is equipped with the latest security and privacy measures to satisfy a broad array of financial industry regulations. It integrates a phone system with desktop and mobile apps, video conferencing, team chat, business SMS, and also offers file collaboration and backup features. Everything necessary to ensure the security and compliance of your data, communications, and meetings is encompassed and accessible to your team, whether they’re in the office or traveling, with full support for mobile devices.

Let’s discuss how cloud communications can make things seamless for your members and staff.

Benefits of Mitel Solutions for the Financial Sector

MiContact Center Business

Boost your customer journeys and maintain high levels of productivity and engagement among your employees with Mitel’s enterprise-level, multichannel customer experience management platform – MiContact Center Business.

Provide Multichannel Customer Experiences

Empower customers to interact with you on their device of choice and ensure a uniform customer experience across all platforms throughout their entire journey.

  • Enhance customer satisfaction (CSAT) ratings
  • Boost first contact resolution (FCR) rates
  • Raise net promoter scores (NPS)

Resource Optimization

Equip agents and supervisors with the necessary tools for making enlightened decisions and delivering swift service. Agents can proficiently manage voice and digital media contacts from a “unified dashboard” – encompassing phone, email, web chat, SMS, and social media. Supervisors keep a watchful eye on agent and queue performance, receiving alerts whenever service levels dip below the set target.

Boost Your Customer Experience Through AI

Leverage the power of Google Cloud Contact Center’s AI-driven chat and voice bots to offer an exceptional customer experience while enhancing operational efficiency. These bots interact naturally with customers, and with agent assist technology, they can monitor the conversation and suggest relevant articles to human agents in real time.

Mitel Workforce Optimization

Record Interactions

Every organization that communicates with customers, clients, partners, or suppliers can benefit from a deeper understanding of the interactions that define their daily operations. Interaction recording is a software application designed to smoothly capture, categorize, play, and share voice and screen recordings. This tool assists managers in:

  • Uncovering methods to enhance customer experiences
  • Streamlining internal operations
  • Discovering and distributing successful sales strategies
  • Guaranteeing regulatory compliance

Better Manage Your Workforce

Your business regularly grapples with challenges such as variable call volumes, diverse media types, high turnover, performance discrepancies, and varying employee skill sets. Mitel’s Workforce Management (WFM) is a software solution designed to assist organizations of all sizes in reducing costs and gaining customer insights while boosting efficiency in daily operations. The application enables you to strategically position your employees at the right place and time, fostering business growth and ensuring a balanced workload, reducing attrition rates, and improving schedule adherence.

Quality Management

Utilize smart monitoring and reporting capabilities for a comprehensive understanding of customer satisfaction and agent efficiency, reinforcing quality management:

  • Develop specialized interaction evaluation templates tailored to different team focuses and themes
  • Filter and assess customer interactions
  • Study evaluation results
  • Present results in a visual format
  • Detect opportunities for coaching

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