As a SLED organization (state, local, education, and government agencies), you have unique needs. Your communications solution needs to align with these requirements so that your organization can work effectively. Here is what you need to know about what a new unified communications solution can do for your organization and the features to look for in your new system.

Features to Look for in a Unified Communications Solution

Different unified commuications solutions will offer you varying capabilities. We recommend that those in SLED organizations pay attention to a few central capabilities that will significantly impact your ability to use the system effectively.

1. Streamline your operational costs

Government organizations know the importance of minimizing unnecessary costs so that they can make the most of their budgets. Similarly, educational organizations want their expenses to go towards their mission and not overspend on administrative costs. Therefore, you want to find a system that can help you streamline your costs for better budgeting and eliminating unnecessary expenses.

2. Provide opportunities for excellent collaboration

A core component of government organizations and school systems is the importance of collaboration. Whether you need to bring together teachers from different departments, students from across your campus or professionals from across the country, you want collaboration tools that people can use to connect quickly, exchange ideas and achieve their goals.

3. Access outstanding service for everyone

If you work in government, you want to ensure everyone in your department can access exceptional service. This service will allow people working remotely, in the office or a separate office miles away to access everything your VoIP phone system offers.

For education employees, your communications system should help everyone connect so that your students and teachers can collaborate easily. Teachers within your organization will also appreciate features such as the ability to contact parents or students without using their personal phones.

A system allowing everyone accessing the communications network to use their preferred device, including smartphones, laptops and desktops, can make it even easier for everyone to get the best use of their communications capabilities.

4. Easy management

Neither a government nor a school has extra time they want to waste navigating how to manage their communications system. Therefore, you want to find a plan that will be easy to set up, manage and employ. You can make this process seamless and even enjoyable with BSB’s white-glove implementation and support services.

Why SLED Organizations Should Upgrade their Phone System

Government organizations and school systems have experienced tremendous upheaval over the past few years, which has ushered in new trends that you need to consider moving forward. For example, remote work became increasingly common, with more than a quarter of U.S. workers working remotely in 2022. In education, online learning continues to grow, with the market expected to reach $457.8 billion by 2026. With this remote setup, you need a unified communications solution that will keep you connected regardless of location.

Unified communications solutions can also streamline your interactions and integrate your communications with the rest of your systems. From video conferencing to tracking call outcomes for those who contact you, your communications system makes a difference. With the right communications system, you can improve productivity and help everyone you connect with have a positive experience.

Mitel Provides Some of the Best VoIP Phone Systems for Your Organization

Mitel is the communication solutions partner that can help your organization thrive. With a Mitel phone system, you get the following:

  • A secure system that will keep your confidential conversations safe
  • Collaboration tools so that you can reach across departments and accomplish your goals
  • Lower operational costs because of lower carrier costs
  • The ability to easily direct calls to where they need to be
  • An ability to send out mass communications if you need to contact many people at once
  • Access all that the 21st century offers in terms of communications technology

Get Started with Your New BSB VoIP Phone System

If you are ready to see what a new communications solution can do for your SLED organization, it is time to get the white-glove treatment. See how BSB can build a customized solution with features tailored to your needs as a government organization or school system.

Get 2023 started right with the communication solution that will help your organization excel in the new year and beyond. Schedule a call with us to get started.