If your business telephones rely on old and outdated technology, you might be holding your business back in ways you never imagined. It is easy to rely on the technology you have always used and resist investing the energy and resources needed to upgrade your systems properly. Still, this critical step can help you protect your business moving forward and position you for growth.

If you are debating about the value of updating your communications solutions, we will break down five key ways that using old technology can shortchange your business.

1. It Can Cost You in More Ways than One

Businesses might feel hesitant when they look at the costs associated with upgrading their systems, but the truth is that continuing to throw money at the old systems is more expensive. To keep these systems functional, you often need to use workarounds to help you keep up with technology demands from other parts of your system. The provider might also prioritize other systems they sell and charge more to keep your system running.

Not only can it cost more month to month to keep running an outdated system, but financial costs can also come from other directions.

Security costs

The age of older systems means they are often not updated and patched as often. In other words, the potential for security breaches remains higher. A breach can cost a business a tremendous amount of money in addition to tarnishing its reputation.

Loss of customers

Customers can also walk away from businesses using outdated systems because they get tired of the slower service and dislike the increased security risks. An old phone system can hurt employees’ attempts to coordinate with others at the business, manage customer complaints, and provide them with outstanding service.

Unexpected costs

Older systems are also more likely to break down. You never know how much you will have to spend or when those costs will arise, making it harder to budget.


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2. You Will Lack Collaboration Capabilities

An outdated system will also hinder collaboration with your other software and applications. In an efficient business, your communications system can integrate well with systems like your customer management software. Older tech often cannot integrate as well, which slows down your employees.

The technology itself also operates slower. We see this quickly when discussing technology like laptops. The same principle applies to your business telephone system. Older systems are cumbersome and slower, making it harder to run your business and satisfy your customers.

3. You Make it Harder for Your Employees to do Their Jobs

You also need to consider the importance of a satisfied team. Employees who feel frustrated because they can’t do their job well will be more inclined to look for a better workplace. When you have employees who do not feel satisfied at work, it will also impact the level of service they provide for your customers, which will hurt your business model altogether. Don’t create a situation where employees want to walk away because your business phone system hurts employee capabilities.

4. Your Business Will Lose Critical Flexibility

If the pandemic taught businesses nothing else, it showed them all the importance of flexibility. When restrictions hit, companies had only days to figure out how to work effectively from home.

Businesses need to have the capacity to adapt quickly to changing conditions. Unfortunately, outdated business telephone systems will make it challenging to be flexible and adjust to changing work situations. Old systems are not conducive to remote work and rapid changes.

Get More for Your Business with Modern Communications Systems

Your organization needs a communications system that makes your day-to-day interaction with staff and customers easy and stress-free. With BSB, companies get access to the best business telephone systems. With those systems comes the ability to be productive from any location and across any device.

The solutions we offer here at BSB are scalable, which means they will grow with your business. Since these solutions enhance communication across departments, your business will find it easier to work together effectively regardless of whether people work in the same office building or remotely from any location.

With the custom design of BSB, we will also help you design a business phone system explicitly formulated to help your business excel. We will work with you as a partner to determine what you need to support your organization. Together, we will implement a phone system that helps you build your business and seize what technology can offer your organization.


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