Your contact center is a cornerstone of your customer service experience. According to Omnicus, in the US, companies lose nearly $75 billion annually in revenue because of poor customer service. By taking steps to improve your contact center, you can prevent such losses.

A high-quality modern contact center includes a wide variety of features that streamline the contact center process, simplifying tasks for contact agents. This streamlined process leads to more satisfied contact center agents, which sets the stage for more positive interactions with customers. Customers who consistently receive effective service are more likely to stay.

Modern Contact Center Features

What exactly are these modern contact center features? Mitel Contact Center, or MiCC, offers a range of powerful features that improve the agent, and therefore, the customer, experience.

1. Smart Routing

Accurate call routing is key to the contact center experience. The Mitel Contact Center routes calls based on data and skills. After configuration, the system can assign calls with specific question types to those agents who are skilled in handling such questions. Routing is also data-driven according to real-time factors and your specific objectives.

2. Silent Monitoring and Quick Assistance

Supervisors can silently listen during calls with the Mitel Contact Center. With this feature, supervisors can “barge in” to support the agent and improve the customer experience. This is especially useful in de-escalating situations where the customer has become frustrated. Call monitoring and recording also remain useful for quality control and training purposes.

3. CRM Integration

Your contact center agents won’t need to waste time searching for customer account information. CRM integration means that agents won’t feel lost regarding the next steps for each customer. Relevant information stored in the cloud is shared on screen to make it easier to resolve the customer’s issue. With MiCC, you can utilize either a standard CRM integration or customize your own.

4. Easy Switching Between Chat and Calls

A simple customer question may evolve into a more complex issue. If your contact center agent is communicating with the customer via web chat, but it would be more helpful to show the customer how to resolve an issue via screen sharing, that switch is easy with MiCC. Seamless switching between media improves the customer experience.

5. Customer Preferred Device Support

With omnichannel support, customers can easily communicate via their preferred device, whether that’s a mobile, tablet, phone call, or desktop. MiCC also supports non-traditional communication channels such as WhatsApp and WebRTC (including video calls).

6. Powerful Workflow Designer

The Workflow Designer from Mitel allows businesses to set up processes using drag-and-drop methods. Don’t worry about complex programming as you create workflows that support your business objectives. Create custom forms or integrate your workflow with third-party apps. Tackle the big picture as well with easy-to-use tools for streamlining the onboarding process and removing unnecessary roles.

7. Informative Web Display

It’s important to be aware of wait time and queue position. In the MiCC web display, expected wait time and queue position announcements are easy to deploy and effectively communicate with contact center agents. With customizable real-time dashboards, it’s easy to quickly communicate changes.

8. Google Virtual Agent and Agent Assist

With Google’s CCAI-powered Virtual Agent, Google-powered chatbots will communicate with your customers. The technology can also listen live to conversations between contact center agents and customers. Google AI can suggest helpful articles and resources to assist in resolving the customer’s issues.

9. Effective Queue Management

Supervisors don’t need complex tools to manage queues. MiCC empowers supervisors to handle all voice and digital media contacts through a “single pane of glass,” streamlining the process of managing agent and queue performance.

Partner with a Mitel Contact Center Expert

These modern features from Mitel Contact Center not only empower contact center agents but also reduce the need for managers to interrupt their work to solve contact center problems. Powerful features streamline the process for agents, making it easier to resolve customer issues during the first call and increasing customer satisfaction.

Our team at BSB Communications can assist with the initial configuration and deployment of your Mitel Contact Center and maintain the system. As Mitel experts (we even receive requests from Mitel dealers seeking our expertise!), we can help you leverage the full power of MiCC to your business’s advantage.

What are you waiting for? Upgrading your contact center will create a better experience for your agents and customers, directly impacting your bottom line. Finally, get customer service right in 2023 with BSB.


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