The prospect of upgrading business telephones with cloud communications has been an important topic for businesses across all sectors. However, we have encountered some customers who still rely on their outdated systems. It can be easy to acquire a “don’t fix what isn’t broken” attitude, but failing to upgrade can present several challenges to your business phone systems.

Here’s exactly what you need to know about the importance of upgrading to a cloud-based system and what a system like BSB Elevate or RingCentral can bring to your company.

What Problems Might You Experience with Old Business Telephones?

As a business leader, you need to recognize the problems that can emerge when relying on old phone systems. The struggles these systems can create will impact every aspect of your business. Here are four of the most common problems we see customers encounter.

1. Increased expenses

Outdated phone systems can quickly add up in cost. These systems have become less common, and the lack of demand increases the price for the remaining customers. When you have a system on your premises, you also have to worry about maintaining it yourself. This maintenance work can create a resource and time drain for your company.

2. Lack of flexibility

Older systems also struggle to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, such as incorporating remote work. When people work from their home offices, they need access to tools that allow them to work successfully.

3. Difficult Interfaces

Older systems also tend to have more complicated and less intuitive interfaces, which can be a struggle for your staff, inevitably causing ineffectiveness.

4. Lack of valuable features

The interface also does not offer some of the latest features that improve business workflows, such as video and in-system messaging. Customers also do not get to access some of the latest features they want to use, such as chat functions or file sharing.

Which Old Mitel Phone Systems Are Likely to Become Obsolete

With all of the advancements in communications technology, Mitel has recently announced a partnership with RingCentral. This partnership will impact the systems the company offers and supports. Mitel has paired with this established organization to improve cloud communications offerings.

Businesses that use older Mitel phone systems should recognize that this communications leader has started to phase out older versions of their systems to bring more customers the improved service that comes with their partnership with RingCentral. As this relationship moves forward, Mitel will replace Legacy (MiVoice Office 250 and MiVoice Connect) on-premises PBX systems.

Additionally, Mitel has also ended sales of Mitel Cloud Connect. Customers will need to shift towards a new cloud phone system. Those who use these systems will want to investigate their options for moving to cloud-based platforms like Elevate or RingCentral. Fortunately, there are several benefits businesses like yours can experience when they make the transition.

Why Should You Consider Cloud Communications?

When you shift to cloud communications, you will realize several benefits that can support business growth.

Bring all your communications infrastructure together

A cloud system will make it easier for you to integrate all the different components of your communications infrastructure. From faxes to voicemails, you will simplify your experience by having just one system to manage.

Decrease your downtime

The best cloud communications systems offer you 99.999% uptime availability thanks to a comprehensive, well-built system that utilizes geo-redundant data centers.

Easy integrations and collaboration

With a cloud phone system, you can easily integrate your communications with other essential business applications. This integration helps you streamline your business operations and improve workflows for both remote and in-house employees. Your employees can also access the Elevate or RingCentral system across Android and iOS devices, as well as Chromebooks.

Help with maintenance and costs

With a cloud-based system, you will reduce the costs and hassles associated with maintenance. Maintaining your business telephones will now fall to your provider instead of the owner of the on-prem system. Customers can save up to 50% off their monthly phone bill with Elevate or RC.

Improve your ability to scale and innovate

As your business grows, your communications solution will be able to grow with you. With cloud communications, it will be easier to scale your operations as needed, providing your growing business with improved support. Adding additional service with Elevate or RingCentral can be done quickly and even virtually.

Similarly, you will be able to take advantage of new communications capabilities as they emerge. They can then help you incorporate these abilities as needed. Since you will not have to buy all the equipment, you can rely on your provider to keep you up to date.

Upgrade Your Business Telephones with Mitel

When it comes to taking advantage of all that business telephones can offer, turning to cloud communications and Elevate or RingCentral can help you invest in your company’s future. With access to industry-leading tools such as video conferencing, remote office capabilities, team chat, and file sharing, Elevate can help you give your business the communications it needs for the future. If you want to learn more about how your organization can use a cloud-based phone system and what your options would be, reach out to us today.

We will help you better understand what these system upgrades can do specifically for your business. Get started now.